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Commands Permissions

Commands List:

/mymenuShows basic plugin help.
/mmhelpShows basic plugin help.
/mmlistLists all saved menus.
/mmopen [Menu]Opens specified menu.
/mmedit [Menu]Opens specified menu for editing.
/mmcreate [Menu] (Optional- Rows) (Optional- Inventory Name)Creates a new menu with specified options and opens it up for editing.
/mmdelete [Menu]Permanently deletes menu.
/mmset [Menu] [Item] (Optional- Specific Item Name)Binds the specified menu to the specified item. Specific item name explained below.
/mmname [Name]Names an item in your hand to specified name. Color supported.
/mmchangelogView update changes.
/mmreloadReloads the plugin and replaces ingame data with data from the configs.
/mmsaveSaves the ingame data to the configs.
/update mymenuIf any updates are available, running this command will automatically update the plugin from in game.

In-Depth Command Description

/mmcreate [Menu] (Optional- Rows) (Optional- Inventory Name)

  • If you specify (rows), (rows) must always come right after [Menu].
    • Rows must be between 1 and 6.
  • Inventory name will be the name of the chest inventory when the menu is opened.
    • If you don't specify it, [Menu] will be used as the inventory name.
    • Inventory name can be multiple words, but must be less than 32 characters long.
    • Inventory name has color support! Use &[Color/Format]. If you use a format, it must come after the color. Example: &a&lGreen Bold Text
  • Menu will open up with the specified options in edit mode after the command is entered.

/mmset [Menu] [Item] (Optional- Specific Item Name)

  • Binds the item to the menu.
    • When a menu is bound to an item it means the following:
      • When a player right or left clicks while holding the item, it will open the menu. No permissions required!
      • If the item is not name-specific the item can no longer be used except to open the menu.
      • You should take caution and only bind one menu to each item unless you use specific-names).
  • Specific Item Name
    • Color is supported! Use &[Color/Format] to use color.
    • If this is specified it means the following.
      • The item has to be named the exact name. CaSe SeNsItIvE!. It is also color and format sensitive.
      • You may use the same item with different names, for different menus. However: Do not use one menu for the item without a name, and one with a specific name, it will not work!. Example: Menu default is bound to a compass, while Menu Tools is bound to a compass when it is named "Tools". It is not guaranteed what menu will open when this happens!
  • To unbind a menu from an item enter in "none" for [Item]

/mmname [Name]

  • Sets the display name of the item in your hand to [Name].
    • This is because MyMenu does not implement a way by itself to use color with Anvils. Other plugins may do so making this command useless.
    • Color is supported with this command! Use &[Color/Format] to use color.


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