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  • _ForgeUser7073149 created this issue Jul 3, 2013

    I'm not sure wether or not it is necessary for this feature to be hard coded to put in this my hunger games plugin is to make a backup of the original arena into a schem file or the whole world folder and whenever the game finishes it would load up the backup, this way the traps would be functionally again, for example redstone, fixed lava in dispensors( as custom items too) an example of a plugin that can do this is (not a survival games plugin, but just so you have an ideia) I might have seen this in the TODO list but it was set as optional but I'm pretty sure it's a more efficient way to reset the world

    Another thing I've read somewhere(might have dreaming) is that the devs are working on a different way of working with the list of items that can appear on the chests is to make a system similiar to the one in the "survival games" plugin(example attached).

    Other thing is(even though I'm not sure it already exists) is refelling chests at the beggining of the night, being necessary to change the time to morning at the beggining of the game.



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  • Forge_User_01524769 posted a comment Jul 4, 2013

    This was the way the original reset mechanic worked, but it was too resource insensitive

  • _ForgeUser7073149 posted a comment Jul 4, 2013

    So do you think it would be possible for there to be an option in the config file to choose the rollback method ? And the user would choose which one the plugin would use depending on the pc/host specs

  • Forge_User_01524769 posted a comment Jul 6, 2013

    @andreluis034: Go

    Ask kitskub for that

  • kitskub posted a comment Jul 6, 2013

    Multiverse-Adventure offers a full-world rollback feature.

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    Removed existing features

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