Change Log


Change Log


  • Fix: All permissions plugins failing to discover (except for PEx or SuperPerms).


  • Fix for NPE involving SuperPerms permissions being registered.


Important: Be sure to update the permissions if you allow players to bypass the economy costs.

  • A massive permissions overhaul to make things more reliable
  • bPermissions support added
  • SuperPerms support added
  • Feature Localizations (english, spanish and danish so far)
  • Feature: Some commands (like deleting homes) works via console
  • Bug Fix: Zero second timers no longer block in laggy servers
  • Bug Fix: Beds cannot /sethome if the user doesnt have that permission
  • Lots of cleanup (you wont see this bit).
  • Permission Change: Economy "free" permissions no longer included under myhome.home.*

Permissions changes:

  • (*) - Allow /sethome and /home usage for free
  • ( - Allow /sethome usage for free
  • ( - Allow /home usage for free


  • Added enableBypassPerms in config to enable/disable the timer bypass permissions.
  • Added enableFreePerms in config to enable/disable the permissions for free usage of /home and /sethome.
  • Added option to abort the /home warmup timer if the player moves
  • Reworked and updated Register for economy support

Note: You will now need a copy of Register.jar to use economy services

Supported economy plugins now includes the following:

  • iConomy 4, 5 & 6+
  • BOSEconomy 6 & 7
  • Essentials Economy 2.2.17+
  • MultiCurrency


  • MySQL support :D
  • Importing homes.db to MySQL on table creation
  • Permissions 3 support
  • PermissionsEx support
  • Economy support (iConomy 4, iConomy 5, Essentials Eco, BOSEconomy)
  • Beds can be used to /sethome
  • Beds can be made to be the ONLY way to /sethome
  • Beds can be used to /sethome during the day (for skylands)
  • Compass finally points at your /home
  • Homes can be made public by default
  • Chunks can be loaded when teleporting to them to avoid lagholes
  • Warmups & Cooldowns can be set by user/group or globally
  • Costs to /home and /sethome can be set by user/group or globally
  • Per user/group timers and costs can be in addition to the global timers/costs
  • Fixed /homes on half blocks
  • Added the option to abort warmups on any pve/pvp (can be set to do only one, both or none)
  • You are still charged via economy to use /home even if it is aborted.
  • Permision to not abort the warmup for pve/pvp (myhome.bypass.dmgaborting)
  • Fixed NPE when inviting/uninviting offline players.
  • Timer management given a major overhaul (Thanks Taufiqkh)
  • Timers give an estimated time remaining (Thanks Taufiqkh)
  • Fixed incorrect message sent when uninviting a player (Thanks Taufiqkh)


  • Added /sethome which can be enabled in the config (Config: allowSetHome = false)
  • The new /sethome uses the same permission as /home set so no extra permissions needed.
  • Added a cooldown for setting the home position (Config: coolDownSetHome = 0)


Unreleased (fixed with a symlink on the webserver):

  • Fixed the update url going to lib/lib.


  • Updated SQLite download urls.


  • Added Manifests to JAR to fix lib issues


  • Forked plugin from 1.9.3
  • Fix for onPlayerJoin changes in Bukkit


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