Commands & Permissions

Commands & Permissions

MyCommand Main List :

Commands Description Permission
/mycmd Show this command list in the game mycommand.mycmd
/mycmd list Show all created custom commands //
/mycmd check Show info(s) about custom commands //
/mycmd-reload Reload the config file(s) mycommand.reload
/mycmd-edit In-game Config manager mycommand.edit
/mycmd-blockset Launch a command by block mycommand.block.set
/mycmd-itemset Launch a command by item mycommand.item.set
/mycmd-runas Run commands as someone else or console mycommand.runas
/mycmd-scheduler Scheduler commands. mycommand.scheduler
/mycmd-variables Make Custom variables mycommand.variables
/mycmd-playerdata Manage playerdata.yml mycommand.playerdata
/mycmd-book or /mycmd book Launch commands from book
/mycmd-signs Run(s) commands by signs. mycommand.sign.set
/mycmd tell Send a message to yourself (Testing purposes) //
/mycmd btell Send a broadcast message to all players. //
/mycommand Credits mycommand.mycommand
/emptycommand None mycommand.emptycommand

And Your Commands:

(Default on newer version) With USE_NAME_INSTEAD_OF_ID_IN_THE_PERMISSION_NAME on true

  • 'first_command':
    command: /command_name
    • mycommand.cmd.first_command
  • 'second_command':
    command: /myhelp2
    • mycommand.cmd.second_command
  • 'command_name':
    command : /XX
    • mycommand.cmd.COMMAND_NAME

(Old plugin version) With USE_NAME_INSTEAD_OF_ID_IN_THE_PERMISSION_NAME on false

  • 'first_command':
    command: /command_name
    • mycommand.cmd.1
  • 'second_command':
    command: /myhelp2
    • mycommand.cmd.2
  • 'command_position':
    command : /XX
    • mycommand.cmd.POSITION

For allow user to use all commands add this :


(all commands)

You can use a custom permission for commands,by putting the permission-node line in the interested command.Or if you want disable the permission check for an single command you can use the "permission-required" command field
Also, if you don't have permissions plugin on your server put
DISABLE_PERMISSIONS : true(in the config.yml file) for bypass mycommand.cmd permission. (works only for custom commands)

Block (/mycmd-blockset) :

Commands Description Permissions
/mycmd-blockset check Get info from target block mycommand.block.set
/mycmd-blockset create Create new on target block //
/mycmd-blockset delete Delete all on target block //
/mycmd-blockset add <data> Add command(s) on target block //
/mycmd-blockset remove <data> Remove command(s) on target block //
/mycmd-blockset switch Switch type from Player/Console //
/mycmd-blockset blocklist Show all usable block(s) //


Signs (/mycmd-signset) :

Commands Description Permissions
/mycmd-blockset create <listname> Create a new list mycommand.sign.set
/mycmd-blockset edit <listname> <create/add/remove> <value> Manage an created list //
/mycmd-blockset check <listname> Gets info from created list //
/mycmd-blockset list Gets all created list //


Scheduler (/mycmd-scheduler) :

Commands Description Permissions
/mycmd-scheduler run Run the Scheduler mycommand.scheduler
/mycmd-scheduler create <name> Create a new Scheduler //
/mycmd-scheduler add/remove <name> command/date <value> Add or remove command(s) from existing list //
/mycmd-scheduler check <name> Gets info from created list //
/mycmd-scheduler delete <name> Delete list //
/mycmd-scheduler list Gets all created list //


Book (/mycmd-book) :

/mycmd-book Launch commands from book
/mycmd-book help Show Help //
/mycmd-book make <n> <text/runcmd> Make a book with customcommands data


Variables (/mycmd-variables) :

/mycmd-variables create <name> Create new variable mycommand.variables
/mycmd-variables set <name> <data> Edit a variable //
/mycmd-variables delete <name> Delete variable //
/mycmd-variables check <name> Show a variable content //
/mycmd-variables list <name> Show all variables created //


(/lmcmd) :

Commands Description Permissions
/lmcmd Show Help mycommand.lmcmd
/lmcmd run <name> Perform a list of commands //
/lmcmd list Show all command list //
/lmcmd check <name> Check a command list //
/lmcmd create <name> Create a new command list //
/lmcmd delete <name> Delete a command list //
/lmcmd add <name> Add a command to a list //
/lmcmd remove <name> Remove a command from a list //

NPCs :

Commands Description Permissions
/mycmd-npcs Show Help mycommand.npcs

PlayerData :

Commands Description Permissions
/mycmd-playerdata Show Help mycommand.playerdata



/mycmd hologram - mycommand.hologram



/mycmd gui - mycommand.gui

/mycmd playeroptions - mycommand.playeroptions

 and more subcommands... check /mycmd in game for all.



If you need to retrive information with the placeholder $PlayerDataFor%var_name% you need to give the following permission to the user :  "mycommand.placeholders.playerdatafor.<var_name>"

Sign Permissions :

  • mycommand.sign.use
  • mycommand.sign.create
  • mycommand.sign.break

Item Permissions :

  • mycommand.item.use

Block Permissions :

    • mycommand.block.ITEMNAME.use Become -> mycommand.block.STONE_PLATE.use
    • mycommand.block.LEVER.use
    • ecc ecc...

Or just mycommand.block.all.use


Itemframes :

  •  mycommand.itemframe.break


  • Only for OLDER PLUGIN VERSION < 4.1
    • mycommand.block.button.use , mycommand.block.plate.use , mycommand.block.lever.use , mycommand.block.detectorrail.use
  • Allow the player to break mycmd blocks :
    • mycommand.block.break


NPCs Permissions :

  • mycommand.interact.villager

Others :

mycommand.cost.bypass.commandname (Where commandname = your command name) Bypass the cost
mycommand.bypass.warmup bypass Warmup command type
mycommand.bypass.cooldown bypass Cooldown command type
mycommand.bypass.ignoredworld bypass ignoredworlds option
mycommand.see.permbroadcast see perm-broadcast-text type command
mycommand.bypass.timer bypass "addtimer" commands delay Deprecated