• donvdp created this issue Jul 22, 2021

    Hi there, i am using mycommand for an alias for my admin chat:


      command: /a
      type: ALIAS
      alias: /channel send admin
      permission-required: true
      register: true
    so when my admins use the ingame command "/a <text>" then the text is routed to the adminchat. This works fine until you use an special character like "?" or "!".

    Is there a way to be able to use special characters in this command ?
    just to add some more informatie:
    - when i use a special character it triggers the event "CHARACTERS_NOT_ALLOWED"
    and ingame i get the feedback "&cYour input contains not allowed characters."
  • realcommandandorder posted a comment Aug 11, 2021

    in config.yml, there is such a section called REGEX

    you can configure it like this:


    USE: false
    PATTERN: ^[-a-zA-Z0-9&._ ]+

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