Bedrock players can steal from GUI #299

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  • kuraiskrap created this issue Jul 6, 2021

    kinda a niche issue

    we have a plugin Geyser that translates Bedrock to Java, so bedrock players can join our server
    Floodgate handles authentication
    there's a issue where bedrock users are able to take items from the MyCmd GUI's by swapping them with another item.
    tried it with B~ and B. added to the start of usernames (mycmd dislikes B~)

    made a test server to narrow things down as best i can, if you need more details or access to anything i can help you out with that


    Server: Paper and spigot (effected multiple paper versions, tried newest spigot)
    Bungeecord: Travertine (version 191 which is current, effected on multiple versions)
    Geyser: Geyser 745 (effected multiple versions)


    **BungeeCord Plugins:**

    i did it on mobile (effects consoles 2)
    open a GUI in mycommand
    tap an item so its highlighted
    tap a 2nd item and it will throw one out of your inventory
    get items from GUI from ground

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