How to hide "player issued server command:..." from console - SOLVED #297

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  • Caley19_ created this issue Jul 3, 2021

    Saw someone ask here before - how to hide "...issued server command..." messages from console while I also needed a solution since I run a custom job/quest system that uses a RUN_COMMAND_TASK and also force players to run a universal SCOREBOARD type command with args that holds needed variables/values. This spams my console every few seconds badly, since it is also long (6+ args) command.

    So, I know you can disable MyCommand console output but that only disables the "player issued mycmd (hello) command /helloworld" messages, not the "issued server command..." messages, which doesn't do the job.

    So instead try out this spigot plugin I just found, works fine for me, you type a string - example "issued server command" in config and it filters out(hides, not disables) any console input that contains these words.

  • Caley19_ added a tag Enhancment Jul 3, 2021

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