Is there a place/forum to talk about MyCommand stuff? #296

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  • Caley19_ created this issue Jul 3, 2021

    Hey, isn't there a place where we can talk about commands and anything related to MyCommand?

    The plugin's main page here and on spigot doesn't have any social links or anything really. The only place not many people see is just this issue page. It would be really great if there was a forum or something where mycommand's users could easily share their stuff and get help from others. I've been using MyCmd few years (2017+ I think) and I haven't seen a single talk other than this Issue board. I'm sure that if people had a social link on the main page they would come in and discuss about mycommand more. I myself wanted to post some custom commands I made but just couldn't find a proper place to post it. Just an idea thought, as someone who uses mycommand a lot(why adding new plugins when you can write your own commands) I felt like there isn't anyone else who use it, since I couldn't find where people go to talk about mycommand, feel like there's lots of people who would join the talk if it was suggested for them on the plugin's main page.
    Or I'm just blind and there is already place to talk about mycmd, let me know, thanks for any response.

  • Caley19_ added a tag Enhancment Jul 3, 2021
  • kuraiskrap posted a comment Jul 6, 2021

    i 100% agree, i think a forum where people could share code or something or helpout cause this thing has a STEEP learning curve

    i see it being a support nightmare tho

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