Add more "bar-percentage" separations #293

  • Enhancment
  • OwnMakesChannel created this issue Jun 3, 2021

    There is a BAR_API_TEXT command type. It displays a bar at the top of the screen. You can segment it up to 20 segments, but you can just set every 10% the bar. Can you please set both of them to infitnite and also add a possibility using $args.


    So for example:

    You give the command two $args. The first one sets the segments to 30 and the second says how many of them are "filled" for example 10 and that means that the bar is at one third.

    For example it show the seconds that are left in a Quiz.

  • OwnMakesChannel added a tag Enhancment Jun 3, 2021

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