Add a possibility to delete a list #290

  • Enhancment
  • OwnMakesChannel created this issue May 28, 2021

    I use lists with mysql and I want to delete the whole contents of the list. I do it for every variable seperately using the exact name and it's not efficient. There is just an op command. I have to give the player temporarily op.


    /mycmd-playerdata removevariable PLAYERNAME VARIABLENAME

  • OwnMakesChannel added a tag Enhancment May 28, 2021
  • ivanfromitaly posted a comment May 29, 2021

    You want delete a playerdata content from $Script$%PlayerData% ? or you want just clear a list content? Because /mycmd-playerdata removevariable  it drop it completly from the database.

  • OwnMakesChannel posted a comment May 31, 2021

    I want to clear the list, but when it is empty it can be also deleted I guess.

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