question #287

  • ismiregal37 created this issue May 18, 2021

    hi i have this command that is for placing a redstone block and air to toggle an machine

    NSVON:&lt;br /&gt; command: /nsv&lt;br /&gt; register: true&lt;br /&gt; permission-required: false&lt;br /&gt; type: RUN_COMMAND&lt;br /&gt; runcmd:&lt;br /&gt; - '/setblock 1143 54 468 $arg1'<br />i want to type /nsv on to place an redstoneblock<br />and /nsv off to plache air

    how to do that?


  • realcommandandorder posted a comment May 19, 2021

    your command has /&gt <br /> and so on,delete them and put them in a right order

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