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  • BLiTz_BaNe created this issue May 12, 2021

    Hi, I found a bug where players can take items from GUI. I tried to troubleshoot it as well. Here are the details:

    First, I created a RUN_AS_OPERATOR command and can only be executed via another command. The another command is a GUI where they can click the items. After clicking the item the GUI lags a little bit and then closes. But while lagging, they can take the items within for free. I noticed from the console that the plugin is checking the player if still OP that's why it's lagging. Since I noticed that, I updated the command into RUN_CONSOLE instead. So by doing that, the lag already been removed. However, if a player spams the click and shift clicking it, they can still take it along with the lore, etc. 

    BTW, I'm currently using the latest version. Minecraft Version 1.16.5 Airplane.jar

  • BLiTz_BaNe added a tag New May 12, 2021
  • ivanfromitaly posted a comment May 13, 2021

    Usually this happen when the there is another plugin who leaves his IconMenus in the background. I've never being able to reproduce this problem with only my plugin installed. About the OP check, it's just a task that get's run when you use a RUN_AS_OP command, shouldn't lag anything in theory.

  • BLiTz_BaNe posted a comment May 15, 2021

    Thank you. I checked on the console and found out that the RUN_AS_OP feature checks the player after executing the command if they are still OP, when checking, there are multiple lines from the console that shows that the plugin is checking the player 3 times if they are OP.


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