%TempVariables% and $args are not working with $rawtext$ in runcmd #277

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  • OwnMakesChannel created this issue May 12, 2021

    I try to create a dynamic Button in runcmd with $rawtext$ with the given $args and I use %tempVariable% for the name of it. It is not recognizing either of them. The $args become just spaces and %tempVariable% stays just the name of it.



    Maybe you could also add multiplication and division to %tempVariable%, so that I don't have to use Playerdata for these operations. It is a pain for me, because I work with a mysql database and I have to add a delay after every writing operation. I try to use as less as possible of Playerdata Variables, because they trash the database full, then it costs more time to read or write them and it can be possible that I write and read them at the same time.

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  • ivanfromitaly posted a comment May 13, 2021

    There are certain feature that works only in runcmd, like the $multiargs ot the tempvariable here,if you start researching they doesn't work on any of the other features.

    Anyway, i'll see to add those 2 things. (moltiplication, division) and temp vars, the args idk, i'll check


    Update, i've implemented TempVars into TempVars, added multiplication  and division , and the rawtext now parse the $args. Plus also TempVars are displayed into rawtext and similar.


    But i've noticed from the other example you've done, you want to replace a tempvar inside a PAPI placeholder. How i've done that currently can't do that, it's a bit tricky.


    Example this stuff now works :


    - '%TempVariable%$test1=2'
    - '$text$ 1 = $test1 '
    - '%TempVariable%$test2=7'
    - '$text$ 2 = $test2 '
    - '%TempVariable%$test3=$test2'
    - '$text$ 3 = $test3 '
    - '%TempVariable%$test3+$test2'
    - '$text$ 3_2 = $test3 '
    - '%TempVariable%$test3/$test1'
    - '$text$ 3_3 = $test3 '
    - '%TempVariable%$test3*$test2'
    - '$text$ 3_4 = $test3 '



    i've to replace placeholders to do what you want. I can't do that before coming into TempVars, otherwise they're already replaced, so when i go and scan the line i don't find the tempvar name, i should do that directly inside the tempvar method.


    Check for the other discussion for the other "fix"

    Link Removed: https://www.mediafire.com/file/vv6ki5l2lg4w4u5/MyCommand_5.7.2_dev13_05_21.zip/file

    Edited May 13, 2021

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