Make a Discord for community to help eachother? #229

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  • spetznack created this issue Oct 12, 2020



    Could you create a Discord for community to help eachother? As well as it is a nice way to get announcements if you add a addouncement channel. :D


    This is of course up to you though Ivan, but I think it could be helpful for people who struggle with getting technical details right in commands :)

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  • ivanfromitaly posted a comment Oct 16, 2020

    I got asked for that multiple times, thing is, i can create a discord server, but considering the plugin is free, i don't want the people to be "entitled" for support. I already answer to the various comments around here and spigot, but usually alredy those takes time, because i have every time, recreate the problem, and i think on a discord server those requestes can only increase, and i can't handle them.

    Ok, people help eachother, but someone will always quote me. Anyway, I'll see, and maybe we can try.

    Edited Oct 16, 2020
  • spetznack posted a comment Oct 18, 2020

    I understand your view and I agree that it will probably increase the amount of requests as you say. 


    To be fair, people can also help eachother as it is right now by replying to the spigot thread, dev.bukkit issues and in the comment section in dev.bukkit plugin page. 


    What I personally like about discord is that it is a more direct conversation, in my experience this makes it easier to give support - but the bad side of it is that you get a lot of people asking questions without thinking it through completely.


    For me I would probably "subscribe" to a support channel for mycommand because I learn a lot that I can use myself just by helping others. :)


    If you do set up a discord server then I would recommend making some rules against pinging\tagging you unless there is a valid urgent issue or something like that. 

  • bblaw1982 posted a comment Nov 20, 2020

    Your plugin has really helped my server, but with the last update 2 of my most complex scripts stopped working.  How much would you charge to look at my scripts and tell me why they no longer work with the new update?

  • infectegriffon posted a comment Jan 20, 2021

    yeah i think a discord would be a good idea too

  • Zax71 posted a comment Feb 27, 2021


  • LucyHiromi posted a comment Nov 10, 2021

    please make a discord bukkit issues sucks.

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