don't have command.yml #225

  • zaz25zaz created this issue Sep 8, 2020

    when I try to add a new command, I don't have a command.yml file in my, my command plugin file. 9/8/2020.



  • LuisGerardo7071 posted a comment Sep 12, 2020

    Hmm, the MyCommand does not generate a file called command.yml, when loading the plugin it generates a file called examples.yml that contains the example commands and when you create a command for the first time with /mycmd-edit, the file mycmd-edit.yml is generated, that stores this and the rest of the commands.


    Those files are in ./plugins/MyCommand/commands, at least that's in version 5.6.6 I'm using. Maybe it is the version or I did not understand the situation well.

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