Player perms are not being checked on RUN_COMMAND type rewards #215

  • Momshroom created this issue Jul 22, 2020

    Paper 92, 1.16
    MyCommand 5.6.6
    LuckPerms 5.1.75

    When bossshoppro awards this MyCommand command, as an opcommand:

    player perms are ignored for running it, as they should be, but ALSO for the sub-commands inside it, which they didn't used to be, and is undesired,  and the player is set to flying in whatever world they were in, even if they do not have (and are not given) fly perms for that world.  I'm honestly not sure if this is a MyCommand issue or a BSP one, or if it's just that my rather hacky workaround no longer works and I need to find a different way to do this.

    The boss shop pro entry that gives the command:

    An in-game view of what's happening when a player buys it:
    It *IS* the player running the sub-commands, so the players perms should be checked for them (and they used to be).   Only the /fly15 command itself should be running as sort of op.

    Any help would be appreciated, at least in identifying whether this is a MyCommand issue, a BSP one, or just a result of my somewhat hacky workaround no longer working.


  • ivanfromitaly posted a comment Jul 24, 2020

    MyCommand never gives permissions to the user to bypass stuffs. If something strange happen, it's probably the operator status gived from "opcommand" of that plugin, or it's the delay messing with stuff. Try to remove opcommand, and create give all the permissions inside mycommand with the scripts or better, use run_console where possible.

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