Commands don't work for non-op players. #208

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  • ashleyisjoining created this issue Jun 3, 2020

    this is my config:

      command: /help
      type: TEXT
      - '&9commands:'
      - '&8/help - &7displays this page'
      - '&8/rules - &7displays rules page'
      - '&8/info - &7displays basic server information'
      - '&8/msg [player] [text] - &7privately message another player'
      permission-required: true

      command: /rules
      type: TEXT
      - '&9rules:'
      - '&80. &4do not cheat'
      - '&81. &7do not kill other players for no reason'
      - '&82. &7do not grief other players builds'
      - '&83. &7do not steal from other players'
      - '&84. &7do not attempt to harm the integrity of the server'
      - '&84.a. &7even if you did not intend to harm the server, laggy builds can be removed at any time without warning'
      permission-required: false

      command: /info
      type: TEXT
      - '&9information:'
      - '&7this server has the 1.8 combat system, which enables spam clicking. you can also use enchantment tables without lapis and brewing stands without blaze rods.'

    these commands work for op players but none of them work for non-op players. as you can see, I've tried with permissions-required with false, true and not adding it at all, none of these worked. I've also added the permissions for all of these commands as well as mycommand.cmd.all. I honestly can't figure out the issue.

  • ashleyisjoining added a tag Defect Jun 3, 2020
  • CyberGen49 posted a comment Jul 4, 2020

    I second this issue.

    With permissions properly granted and commands registered, some commands work but appear red, and others present the user with a permission denied message. As of now, it appears to be pretty inconsistent with what works and what doesn't.


  • voigtman posted a comment Jul 23, 2020

    For your commands, you're not specifying a permission node, and I know the documentation says to use something like


    Try adding your own, it can be anything really... and you can add it to all general commands and just use a single permission node for all of them.
    and for special cases you can add a different node and you can customize the errors too

    something like:


    permission-node: mycmd.player <--for general commands
    permission-error: 'Sorry, you do not have permission to use general commands'
    permission-node: mycmd.staff  <--for staff commands
    permission-error: 'Sorry, you are not staff'

    permission-node: mycmd.forthatspecialsomeone <--commands for your bff
    permission-error: 'Sorry, you are not my BFF'


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