How i can do chat-listener command? #201

  • Severomat created this issue Apr 1, 2020

    command: /svbankguideposit
    type: LIVE_CHAT
    execute_mode: NORMAL
    - "/bank deposit $arg1"
    - "&aType how many money you want to deposit."
    answer: "$arg1"
    success-message: "&cThey were deposited&2$$arg1"
    register: false
    permission-required: false

    I tried removing answer and nope, i cant do this
    Please how can i do a chat listerner without answer???


    Or do a chat listener with range of answers

  • Severomat edited description Apr 1, 2020
  • ivanfromitaly posted a comment Apr 5, 2020

    Have you turned on the CHAT_LISTENER  in config.yml?

  • Severomat posted a comment Apr 15, 2020

    Yes, i did it.
    The problem is that if i do this


    Type: 250

    executes this:

    /bank deposit $arg1 and not  /bank deposit 20

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