How do I put this placeholder in? It doesn't seem to be working. #195

  • Forge_User_89927424 created this issue Dec 21, 2019


    The placeholder is %leaderheads_name_killstatskills_alltime_1% . I am trying to get the command to say the players name with the best kills.


    I am using:

    command: /mycmd-runconsole
    type: RUN_CONSOLE
    - /say hey %leaderheads_name_killstatskills_alltime_1%


    It doesn't seem to be working.


    Instead it just outputs: [Server] hey

    instead of what id like [Server] hey (playersname)


    Leaderheads and MyCommand are definitely both loaded by PlaceholdersAPI ..


    I don't know what I am doing wrong,






  • Forge_User_89927424 posted a comment Dec 22, 2019

    Leaderheads Killstats and MyCommand are all loaded by PAPI btw. The placeholder %leaderheads_name_killstatskills_alltime_1% also works in other plugins.

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