Cooldown Message Not Customisable #194

  • Defect
  • Forge_User_98674312 created this issue Dec 9, 2019

    Although it's stated in the pages that if you add a cooldown to a command, the message can be customised by adding a "cooldown-message" - It doesn't appear to be working.

      command: /testit
      permission-required: false
      type: RUN_CONSOLE
      - '$text$1'
      cooldown-message: 'TESTIT wait %s seconds'
      cooldown: 5


    cooldown-message: "wait %s second more" Allows you to costumize the cooldown message

  • Forge_User_98674312 added a tag Defect Dec 9, 2019
  • ivanfromitaly posted a comment Dec 14, 2019

    I know, i've already fixed that in a dev version. In the next release it's fixed. No ETA. Probably when Minecraft 1.15 comes out.

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