My 1.12.2 server doesnt allow iconmenu properly #186

  • Forge_User_43055386 created this issue Oct 25, 2019

    My 1.12.2 server doesn't allow the proper use of the icon menu, most of the items have LEGACY infront of them which makes them not work, any ideas on how to fix and thank you.

  • ivanfromitaly posted a comment Oct 29, 2019

    You're probably using the wrong itemnames. In versions older than the 1.13, if the first try doesn't work, the plugin try to put LEGACY_ before the itemname, but if doesn't work again, it gives you some error. Try /mycmd tell $iteminhand while holding the interested item in your hand.. to find it's name.

  • Forge_User_43055386 posted a comment Oct 31, 2019

    im using 1.12.2 but I will try the /mycmd tell $iteminhand

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