%PlayerOptions%addEnchantment Issue #178

  • sheezchill created this issue Jun 30, 2019

    I'm using MyCommand v5.5.0 for Minecraft server version 1.14


    I'm trying to make a command that adds enchantments to what the player is holding using %PlayerOptions%addEnchantment but I can't seem to set the enchantment level higher than 1.


    my command:

     command: /sharp
     type: RUN_COMMAND
     - '%PlayerOptions%addEnchantment: DAMAGE_ALL:$arg1'
     - '%PlayerOptions%playSound: ENTITY_PLAYER_LEVELUP:100'
     cost: 5000.0
     permission-required: false

    as you can see, I set the first argument to the enchantment's level but the enchantment level won't go higher than 1 even though I did /sharp 2-5. Is it supposed to do this or am I doing something wrong here?

  • sheezchill edited title Jun 30, 2019

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