I need help with my shop (mycommand & chestcommands) #163

  • Peckooz created this issue Mar 28, 2018

     So i want to be able to sell with left click and buy with right click on my shop but i don't know how to do that on mycommand or chestshops i there anyway i can sell with left click and buy with right click??


    the plugins i have are:






    https://imgur.com/EUspEHY - my shop

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  • L3thalBunny posted a comment Mar 9, 2019

    I believe you'll have to use Itemsets to create custom right click and left click commands for the items in your menu and then create the menu...



    In-Game Items (Itemset)

    How to Use : (>5.1.4+)

    • First of all, active the item event with "/mycmd-itemset on".
    • So, get an item in your hand and type "/mycmd-itemset add" for add it to active item(s) list.
    • Now if you click left or right mouse button it's possible read in chat about the item without command in it.(If you don't want this message put "empty_message" field in itemset.yml on false.
    • Now for add something on the activated item, type, for example, "/mycmd-itemset right /list". In this case if you use the right click of the mouse, the server runs the command "/list" for the player who send this action.
    • Same thing with "/mycmd-itemset left /your command", but in this case the command will be performed only if you use the left button of the mouse.
    • You can add multiple commands in one line using the ";" char between each command. Example : /command1;/command2
    • And that's all for made it working.
    • Now if you need to run this command only on a specific item with a specific name, you can set an name on the your item with the command "mycmd-itemset name NewName".
    • For more command(s) type "/mycmd-itemset" in-game

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