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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.10
  • 1.9
  • 1.8


INFO : From the version 5.3.0, the commands file are located in the folder "plugin/MyCommand/commands/" , the old one will be copied in that folder.

MyCommand Version 5.3.4

  • Built with spigot 1.10
  • RawText type:
    • Now it's possible add multiple "action" on one line. Just split them with "<and>"
    • Split multiple lines in the hover part with the "<newline>" placeholder.
      • Example : 'TEXT;Line 1<newline>Line2'
    • (Testing features for Hover part (Useless) : $SHOW_ITEM$ and $SHOW_ENTITY$) Example "Hover on me:$SHOW_ITEM$STONE"
  • Iconmenu changes :
    • Added the SKULL_ITEM "texture" support. Example of use : "1:SKULL_ITEM%Notch:0:/command:Title:Description"
    • %stayopen% now can execute commands without closing the GUI. (Example: "1:STONE:0:%stayopen%/command:Title:Description")
    • Added $text$ support for Iconmenu
    • %openiconmenu% now pass $args
    • Increased the GUI limit to 54+ (over 54 the gui it's broken, but works.) Old limit 45.
    • Added iconmenu_type. This feature it's just something "plus" for the plugin. It's just an quick and dirty implementation. (iconmenu size it's not supported by the api's here)
    • iconmenu_type (s) : (example of use "iconmenu_type: WORKBENCH")
 	** CHEST (default)
	** ANVIL (some glitches)
	** BEACON (dont'works)
	** BREWING (seems, ok)
	** CRAFTING (don't work)
	** CREATIVE (don't work)
	** DISPENSER (seems OK)
	** DROPPER (seems OK) (same as the DISPENSER)
	** ENCHANTING (some glitches)
	** ENDER_CHEST (seems OK)
	** FURNACE (seems OK)
	** HOPPER (seems OK)
	** MERCHANT (don't work)
	** PLAYER (seems to work)
	** WORKBENCH (seems OK)
  • CustomCommands Cooldowns and WarmUps changes :
    • cooldown and warmups for customcommands now take trace of the amount of the time elapsed. (allow to see the correct amount of time remaining)
  • playerevents.yml changes :
    • Added "PlayerDeath.ignore_env_or_mobs_deathcause". Update your config file if you want use it.
  • Command Types :
    • Added EXP_BAR command type and "$ExpBar%n%" function for runcmd.
      • Example for runcmd : $ExpBar%10%, show an countdown of 10 in the expbar.
      • Instead, for using it as a standalone command, just put "type: EXP_BAR" and "delaytimer: N"
    • Added ADD_COST command type. (Economy and Itemcost supported). To be used with other plugin commands.
  • Console:
    • Added executefor support.
  • execute_mode :
    • Added CONSOLE_ONLY (Useful in combination with executefor: ONLINE_PLAYERS) CONSOLE_ONLY = The command must be executed directly from the console.

Example of possible use : Creating an reward command for all players, triggered by BuyCraft. The eco command need to be executed from the console (permission reason).

  command: /extest1
  executefor: ONLINE_PLAYERS
  - /eco give $player 5000
  permission-required: false
  execute_mode: CONSOLE_ONLY
  register: true
  • %PlayerOptions%:
    • Added : setItemInOffHand, setBoots, setChestplate, setHelmet, setLeggings, setHeldItemSlot

Example of possible use :

  command: /mycmdkit
  - '%PlayerOptions%clearInventory'
  - '%PlayerOptions%setHelmet: IRON_HELMET:1:0:DAMAGE_ALL;1;FIRE_ASPECT;1:&aMega Helmet:&bLine 1;Line 2;$random_colorLine 3'
  - '%PlayerOptions%setChestplate: IRON_CHESTPLATE:1:0::Mega Chestplate:Super'
  - '%PlayerOptions%setLeggings: IRON_LEGGINGS:1'
  - '%PlayerOptions%setBoots: IRON_BOOTS:1'
  - '%PlayerOptions%setItemInOffHand: SHIELD:1'
  - '%PlayerOptions%addItem: STONE_SWORD:1:0:DAMAGE_ALL;1;FIRE_ASPECT;1:&aMega Sword:&bLine1;Line 2;$random_colorLine 3'
  - '%PlayerOptions%setHeldItemSlot:0'
  • Misc:
    • Added "division" sign for playerdata : "$Script$%PlayerData%variable/2"

MyCommand Version 5.3.3

  • Added CHAT_LISTENER. If enabled, this allow you to create command who don't start with the slash, but the commands can start with anything.
    • Command without the "/", works only in the game chat, and can't be registered (register: true)
    • Example : "command: !dice" "command: command" "command: $hello" ecc...
    • Added the support for $args ($arg1..2... $multiargs)
  • Added MOVE EVENT support for custom commands warmups
  • SCOREBOARD Changes :
    • BREAKING CHANGE : Changed the split character from ":" to ";". Update your old Scoreboard commands.
    • Increased the scoreboard text line to 40 (from 16)
    • Improved the "remove" task, now if you launch a new scoreboard command type, the "remove" task restart.
    • Added and Update function, works also with an marquee (title) effect.
    • Added scoreboard_refresh_ticks (This field affect also the refresh of the marquee (if used))
    • Added $marquee$ prefix. Works in the title of the scoreboard. Using the marquee in the scoreboard title, you don't have the 64character limit.
    • The bar now is animated.
  • Registered commands now works with "require-permission: false", and now support also the PermissionError Message.
  • Some fixes int the script
  • Added $Script$%if%HasPermission=node.node
  • $delay$ prefix now support custom timings (in ticks)
    • Example : $delay$<60> or .... $delay$<$randomnumber%60%>
  • Added $log$ in runcmd. Works like $text$-$broadcasttext$, but show the message only in the console.

Updated Scoreboard command example :

  command: /sbexample
  - The Scoreboard will get removed after DelayTimer(sec). If 0 don't remove
  - Use $marquee$ as a prefix of the scoreboard name for scroll the text.
  - Use scoreboard_refresh_ticks, for determinate how frequent the plugin have to update the scoreboard.
  scoreboard_name: "$marquee$&1M&2y&3C&4o&5m&6m&7a&8n&9d &aS&bc&co&dr&ee&fb&0o&1a&2r&3d &nExample&r "
  - "4;&c&lCoordinates:"
  - "3;&6X:&e $locX &6Y:&e $locY &6Z:&e $locZ "
  - "2;&c&lPlayer Info:"
  - "1;&6Health: &e$health"
  - "0;&6Food: &e$food"
  scoreboard_refresh_ticks: 5
  delaytimer: 10

MyCommand Version 5.3.2

  • Added required_args: 123
    • Differently from "require_all_arguments", this allow you to add the "check", on every command type, and give you the ability to be more specific. The "automatic" system in runcmd, works per line, so it's not very efficent, this is a good replacment.
  • Added WARMUP_AND_COOLDOWN command type.
    • To be used with other plugin commands. Use the "cooldown" and "warmup" command field for set the time.
  • Added $Script$%PlayerDataFor%$PlayerName%Variable=$arg2 and $PlayerDataFor%PlayerName%VarName%
    • This allow you to edit other player datas with out using /mycmd-playerdata. The second placeholder it's just a placeholder for get information of a specific player variable.

Breaking changes in the $Script$

  • Changes :
    • Added $Script$%elseif%
    • Added <and> and <or> condition for $Script$%if%
    • [!] All the %if% statement can be executed together if every result is true. (in the old version, if one if is true, the next one don't get executed)

Example : (if both ($arg1 and $arg2) are true, execute both (/cmd1,/cmd2).

 - $Script$%if%$arg1==true
 - /cmd1
 - $Script$%if%$arg2==true
 - /cmd2
 - ecc ecc..

If, you want deny the execution of the next IF, use ELSE IF :
Example :

 - $Script$%if%$arg1==true
 - /cmd1
 - $Script$%elseif%$arg2==true
 - /cmd2

In this way, if $arg1 is true, and the second ($arg2) is true, the second don't get executed, because the first gets already executed.
Of course, if $arg1 is false and the $arg2 is true, the second get executed.

If both are false, you can use %else% like the exemple above:

Example :

 - $Script$%if%$arg1==true
 - /cmd1
 - $Script$%elseif%$arg2==true
 - /cmd2
 - $Script$%else%
 - $text$ Nothing Executed.

How to use <and> and <or> condition :

 $Script$%if% CONDITION1 <and> CONDITION2       <or>  CONDITION1 <and> CONDITION2 <and>  CONDITION3     <or> ecc....ecc.....
  - "$Script$%if%$gamemode==SURVIVAL<and>$world==world_survival<or>$gamemode==CREATIVE<and>$world==world_creative"
  - "/dosomething"

Other changes:

  • The console now support $Script$%PlayerData% and $Script$%Variable%
  • ICONMENU command now replace placeholders.
    • Also, now you can run multiple command, splitting them with the ";". :/command1;/command2:
  • /mycmd-runas now supports placeholders
    • /mycmd-runas console remove the slash automatically (if there is one)
  • Revamped %PlayerOptions%addItem . Now support ItemMeta : Enchantments;Level : Displayed Name : Lores;line2;line3...
    • Example of use : '%PlayerOptions%addItem: STONE_SWORD:1:0:DAMAGE_ALL;1;FIRE_ASPECT;1:&aMega Sword:&bLine 1;Line 2;$random_colorLine 3'
  • Added RUN_AS_CONSOLE_MESSAGE in language.yml
  • Minor changes.

MyCommand Version 5.3.0 - 5.3.1

  • Added the support for multiple command files. Your old commands.yml (if exist) will be copied in the folder MyCommand/commands/
  • Fixed an NPE Error in the PreProcessEvent and ConsoleListener in determinate circumstance.
  • Minor changes to /mycmd-playerdata. Added /mycmd-playerdata removevariable
  • COOLDOWN and WARMUP type (not cooldown and warmup fields for custom commands)
    • The timer now works every second. This take trace of the remaining seconds when a player try to execute the command again.
    • Removed an unnecessary cooldown message when one command get executed.
    • success-message it's now supported for the cooldown commands.
  • The console now support $Script$%if% and $Script$%else%
  • ICONMENU type:
    • Added "%stayopen%" placeholder for the command field. If you click an item with this placeholder, the window don't get closed.
    • Now you can manage the amount of the ItemStack. Put AMOUNT "comma" ITEMNAME ecc. "Example : 0:32,GOLDEN_APPLE:0:%stayopen%:Title:Description"
  • Added $biome placeholder
  • Added "overlay" command field. If "true" under another plugin command, mycommand works as "overlay", without override the original command. So both get executed.
  • If a command with a "cost" don't execute any command, chargeback the money.
  • Minor fixes and changes.
  • Alias commands, now works like the older plugin version, if there isn't any $arg placeholder.
  • The console now support the ALIAS command type.
  • Fixed a typo in config.yml USE_THE_UPDATED -> USE_THE_UPDATER
  • Changes for RUN_COMMAND_TASK command type:
    • Added $Script$%while%
    • task_run_n_times and task_repeat_every_sec now supports any placeholder ($arg1 ecc). Of course, the placeholder must be an number.
    • Added task_show_debug command field
  • Added the command field broadcast_message_permission_node as a replacement of the removed commands type here above. (works with BROADCAST_TEXT or the placeholder $broadcasttext$ in runcmd)
  • The default command file, now is called examples.yml instead of commands.yml

NPCs location yaw (face direction) , don't work properly. (Bukkit API problem)