MyCommand v5.3.0


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    Apr 30, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.9
  • 1.8.1
  • 1.8


MyCommand Version 5.3.0

  • Added the support for multiple command files. Your old commands.yml (if exist) will be copied in the folder MyCommand/commands/
  • Alias commands, now works like the older plugin version, if there isn't any $arg placeholder.
  • The console now support the ALIAS command type.
  • Fixed a typo in config.yml USE_THE_UPDATED -> USE_THE_UPDATER
  • Changes for RUN_COMMAND_TASK command type:
    • Added $Script$%while%
    • task_run_n_times and task_repeat_every_sec now supports any placeholder ($arg1 ecc). Of course, the placeholder must be an number.
    • Added task_show_debug command field
  • Added the command field broadcast_message_permission_node as a replacement of the removed commands type here above. (works with BROADCAST_TEXT or the placeholder $broadcasttext$ in runcmd)
  • The default command file, now is called examples.yml instead of commands.yml

MyCommand Version 5.2.7

  • Added the support for the older craftbukkit/spigot version (1.8 and 1.7) (You must be able to use itemset and blockset again)
  • Added the Updater check. Tell you when is available an new version of the plugin. (DEBUG.USE_THE_UPDATED to false, for disable it)
  • Removed some useless old scripts SetInteger,Integer,String
  • Misc:
    • There is an %TempVariable%v1=v2, v1+v2, v1-v2 features, but need more works.

MyCommand Version 5.1.7 - 5.2.6

    • the default permission the plugin give to one command, now depends on the "name" and not on the position in the config file. For old users, this variable get saved "false" by default. (false = ID, true= Name)
  • Re-worked the workaround for make the commands with multiple arguments in the main name working in every position you put it in the config.
    • (You can't register command with multiargs in the main name (command: /name))
  • ALIAS command type, now replace variables and support the error message for $arg/$multiargs
  • If a player don't type any arguments, replace the $args with "" instead of [InputX]
  • Changes for playerevents.yml
    • Added support for $broadcasttext$
    • PlaceHolders (only for the death event) : $killer , $killed_player , $death_cause
    • Added : PlayerDeath: prevent_suicide: true (prevent the players from killing themselfs)
  • Added ACTION_BAR command type (Works only on Spigot servers(Be sure of using the latest Spigot Build))
    • put your text in "text" lines. Use $delay$ between every text for use more of one line.
  • Added execute_mode: EVENT_ONLY (for playerevents.yml)
  • ExtraListener ( playerevents.yml ):
    • Added execute_mode: EVENT_ONLY
    • If a player kill himself, don't execute any command.
    • Added onPlayerRespawn (Update your old playerevents.yml if you want use it)
  • Console text commands, now support the "$delay$" string.
  • $Script$%PlayerData%var1+,-,* and $Script$%Variable%var1+,- now save information also if there isn't any data stored with that name.
  • Added $broadcasttext$ for runcmd
  • Added $text_to_specific_player%playername% for runcmd
  • Added RUN_COMMAND_TASK command type.
    • parameter avalaible : task_run_immediately, task_run_when_offline, task_repeat_every_sec, task_run_n_times.
    • see active tasks with (/mycmd tasks) command
  • Removed OffHand in the BlockListener.
  • PlayerData and Variables now automatically save Integer value instead of Double if there isn't a decimal part.
  • PlayerData and Variables now works with information stored in multiple section. Use the dot in the variable name for create an section.
  • "WARMUP" command type, now can warmup multiple different commands at the same time.
  • $Script$%Variable%$arg1=$PlayerData%var%". Crash fixed.
  • $args now get replaced correctly also in text/runcmd lines with long named commands. Example (command: "/name argname")
  • Added /mycmd tellto <playername> <message>
  • Added the support for the external Plugin PlaceholderAPI (Great plugin if you want more placeholder. A complete list of avalaible placeholder is visible here)
    • MyCommand Placeholder for other plugins : %mycommand_playerdata_<variable_name>%
  • Removed the OffHand in the ItemsListener.
  • $Script$%PlayerData% and $Script$%Variable% now can replace $args.
  • $text$ now replace $args correctly.
  • fixed "require_all_arguments: false" doesn't replace $args.
  • $multiargs now get replaced correctly if before him there is one or multiple $args. Anyway works how intended only if placed in the last position.
  • Added a "no permissions" error-message in the BlockListener.
  • Fixed cooldown and warmup parameter for works together
  • Fixed ADD_PERMISSION,WARMUP and COOLDOWN Type, not working if launched by the console.
  • Added $Script$%PlayerData%var1*var2
  • Added /mycmd-variables <add/remove>
    • Added $Script$%Variable%var1+var2, $Script$%Variable%var1-var2 and $Script$%Variable%var1=var2 (= "set")
  • Added some basics "npcs" or better "villager npcs" commands and functions./mycmd-npcs (Permission for users: mycommand.interact.villager)
    • NPCs can spawn also in WG region with "mob-spawning: deny"
    • NPC_ONLY in the ExecutionMode (execute_mode)
    • Delay for NPCs interaction. NPCS.DELAY_SEC in config.yml.
  • Arguments ($arg1..2) now get replace correctly also if they are part of the string.
  • Added COMMANDS.MAX_ARGUMENTS in config.yml. (Default: 9)
  • Itemmen├╣ items, now support multiple enchantments.
  • Implemented some Hover and ClickEvent in the /mycmd main GUI.
  • Added $GetPlayerByName%playername% (TEXT type only(for now))
  • Added $GetRandomStringFromList%string1;String2;...3%
  • $PlayerData%variable%, now can be replaced multiple times for line.
  • RAW_TEXT now can run directly a command or open a url(web link).
  • Added %PlayerOptions%addItem
  • Added some placeholders:
    • $random_color
    • $NoReplace (If any string start with this variable, nothing get replaced.)
    • $iteminoffhand
    • $amount_iteminhand
    • $name_iteminhand
    • $loc_highestY
  • Added more script statement (see Example/config page for more detail)
    • .contains=
    • .args.lenght> (count the number of the typed words splitted by " " space)
    • .string.lenght> (count the lenght of the typed "string" char by char)
  • The command cost bypass permission now work if you don't have money.
  • Fixed mycmd-book.
  • BAR_API or better BOSS_BAR now works without the external plugin "BarAPI"
    • Added bar_color, bar_style, bar_flag
  • RAW_TEXT Now works on Spigot servers without external plugin (never released..:D) (No Craftbukkit support).
  • Updated Itemset with the new API. (IteminMainHand)
  • Fixed mycmd-playerdata check command not working correcly if uuid is enabled.
  • Added mycommand.cost.bypass.commandname for bypass the command cost.
  • Various fixes (Ex. ticket 51,53,62)
  • Minor changes.

NPCs location yaw (face direction) , don't work properly. (Bukkit API problem)