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    Apr 19, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.9


MyCommand Version 5.2.5

  • Command with arguments in the main name ("command: /cmd something") now can be placed in any order you want.
    • Like before, you can create commands with multi arguments in the name only if the command is unregistered. (registered: false)
  • Added ACTION_BAR command type (Works only on Spigot servers(Be sure of using the latest Spigot Build))
    • put your text in "text" lines. Use $delay$ between every text for use more of one line.
  • Added execute_mode: EVENT_ONLY (for playerevents.yml)
  • "mycmd-reload all" now reset some tasks and array i missed to implement before.
  • ExtraListener ( playerevents.yml ):
    • Added execute_mode: EVENT_ONLY
    • If a player kill himself, don't execute any command.
    • Added onPlayerRespawn (Update your old playerevents.yml if you want use it)
  • Console text commands, now support the "$delay$" string.
  • $Script$%PlayerData%var1+,-,* and $Script$%Variable%var1+,- now save information also if there isn't any data stored with that name.

MyCommand Version 5.1.7 - 5.2.4

  • Added $broadcasttext$ for runcmd
  • Added $text_to_specific_player%playername% for runcmd
  • Added RUN_COMMAND_TASK command type.
    • parameter avalaible : task_run_immediately, task_run_when_offline, task_repeat_every_sec, task_run_n_times.
    • see active tasks with (/mycmd tasks) command
  • Removed OffHand in the BlockListener.
  • PlayerData and Variables now automatically save Integer value instead of Double if there isn't a decimal part.
  • PlayerData and Variables now works with information stored in multiple section. Use the dot in the variable name for create an section.
  • "WARMUP" command type, now can warmup multiple different commands at the same time.
  • $Script$%Variable%$arg1=$PlayerData%var%". Crash fixed.
  • $args now get replaced correctly also in text/runcmd lines with long named commands. Example (command: "/name argname")
  • Added /mycmd tellto <playername> <message>
  • Added the support for the external Plugin PlaceholderAPI (Great plugin if you want more placeholder. A complete list of avalaible placeholder is visible here)
    • MyCommand Placeholder for other plugins : %mycommand_playerdata_<variable_name>%
  • Removed the OffHand in the ItemsListener.
  • $Script$%PlayerData% and $Script$%Variable% now can replace $args.
  • $text$ now replace $args correctly.
  • fixed "require_all_arguments: false" doesn't replace $args.
  • $multiargs now get replaced correctly if before him there is one or multiple $args. Anyway works how intended only if placed in the last position.
  • Added a "no permissions" error-message in the BlockListener.
  • Fixed cooldown and warmup parameter for works together
  • Fixed ADD_PERMISSION,WARMUP and COOLDOWN Type, not working if launched by the console.
  • Added $Script$%PlayerData%var1*var2
  • Added /mycmd-variables <add/remove>
    • Added $Script$%Variable%var1+var2, $Script$%Variable%var1-var2 and $Script$%Variable%var1=var2 (= "set")
  • Added some basics "npcs" or better "villager npcs" commands and functions./mycmd-npcs (Permission for users: mycommand.interact.villager)
    • NPCs can spawn also in WG region with "mob-spawning: deny"
    • NPC_ONLY in the ExecutionMode (execute_mode)
    • Delay for NPCs interaction. NPCS.DELAY_SEC in config.yml.
  • Arguments ($arg1..2) now get replace correctly also if they are part of the string.
  • Added COMMANDS.MAX_ARGUMENTS in config.yml. (Default: 9)
  • Itemmenù items, now support multiple enchantments.
  • Implemented some Hover and ClickEvent in the /mycmd main GUI.
  • Added $GetPlayerByName%playername% (TEXT type only(for now))
  • Added $GetRandomStringFromList%string1;String2;...3%
  • $PlayerData%variable%, now can be replaced multiple times for line.
  • RAW_TEXT now can run directly a command or open a url(web link).
  • Added %PlayerOptions%addItem
  • Added some placeholders:
    • $random_color
    • $NoReplace (If any string start with this variable, nothing get replaced.)
    • $iteminoffhand
    • $amount_iteminhand
    • $name_iteminhand
    • $loc_highestY
  • Added more script statement (see Example/config page for more detail)
    • .contains=
    • .args.lenght> (count the number of the typed words splitted by " " space)
    • .string.lenght> (count the lenght of the typed "string" char by char)
  • The command cost bypass permission now work if you don't have money.
  • Fixed mycmd-book.
  • BAR_API or better BOSS_BAR now works without the external plugin "BarAPI"
    • Added bar_color, bar_style, bar_flag
  • RAW_TEXT Now works on Spigot servers without external plugin (never released..:D) (No Craftbukkit support).
  • Updated Itemset with the new API. (IteminMainHand)
  • Fixed mycmd-playerdata check command not working correcly if uuid is enabled.
  • Added mycommand.cost.bypass.commandname for bypass the command cost.
  • Various fixes (Ex. ticket 51,53,62)
  • Minor changes.

NPCs location yaw, don't work properly.