MyCommand v3.9.0


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    Mar 18, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.5.0


Version 3.9.0

Built with CB 1.5-R0.1

Added basic "Script" system for command check.

Put this code in the runcmd line for made a boolean check (true or false) of a basic action,like:

Example of Use :

  - $Script$HasPermission==custompermission.test  	#If the player sender has the permission "custompermission.test",return true and go to the second line.
  - $Script$SetInteger=1      					#Set the integer value for player sender to 1.It's saved in playerdata.yml.
  - $Script$Integer==1        						#If the integer value stored in the playerdata.yml it's equals 1 return true.
  - $Script$SetString=ciao   					#Set String value in the playerdata.yml to "ciao".
  - $Script$String!=lol      						#If the stored string it's different return true
  - $Script$Integer>10      						#Check if the stored integer value it's greater than 10. In this case return false
  - /dosomething

You can use this also in the blockset commands.

Added /mycmd-playerdata for manage playerdata.yml. (mycommand.playerdata)

All Fields :

SetInteger= , SetString= , Integer== , Integer!= , Integer> , Integer< , String== , String!= , HasPermission==

Itemset now support unlimited commands.
Blockset now it's configurable in the config.yml. (you can choose the block,also stone,dirt ecc)

Minor changes.