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With all the following commands, /mychunk can be replaced with /mc or /chunk.

General Commands

{optional} [required]

NOTE: All these general commands can be given to a player by providing the mychunk.commands.user permission node

/mychunk {Page No} : See statistical information about the plugin

Requires: mychunk.commands.stats

/mychunk allow [Player] {Flags} : Allow a player chunk access

Requires: mychunk.commands.allow

/mychunk allowmobs ["on"|"off"] : Allow mobs to spawn/harm in your chunk

Requires: mychunk.commands.allowmobs

/mychunk allowpvp ["on"|"off"] : Allow pvp in your chunk

Requires: mychunk.commands.allowpvp

/mychunk claim {Player} : Claim the current chunk

Requires: mychunk.commands.claim

/mychunk disallow [Player] {Flags} : Disllow a player chunk access

Requires: mychunk.commands.disallow

/mychunk flags : List the available flags (good to give this to anyone who has mychunk.claim)

Requires: mychunk.commands.flags

/mychunk forsale [Price] : Put the chunk up for sale

Requires: Alias: fs

/mychunk help {Page No} : See command help


/mychunk info : See information about your claimed chunks (WIP)


/mychunk notforsale : Take the chunk off sale

Requires: mychunk.commands.notforsale Alias: nfs

/mychunk owner : See who owns the current chunk

Requires: mychunk.commands.owner

/mychunk unclaim : Unclaim the current chunk

Requires: mychunk.commands.unclaim

Admin Commands

{optional} [required]

Note: The mychunk.commands.* permission node provides all commands, including general and admin commands

/mychunk expirydays [new_days] : Set the number of days used by ownership expiry

Requires: mychunk.commands.expirydays

/mychunk info [Player Name] : See information about another player's chunks (WIP)


/mychunk max [new_max_chunks] : Set the maximum number of chunks a player is allowed to own

Requires: mychunk.commands.max

/mychunk obprice [new_price] : Set the price to claim chunks above the max limit (if enabled) [new_price]

Requires: mychunk.commands.obprice

/mychunk price [new_price] : Set the price to claim a chunk to [new_price]

Requires: mychunk.commands.price

/mychunk purgep [Player Name] : Unclaim all chunks owned by specified player

Requires: mychunk.commands.purgep

/mychunk purgew [World Name] : Unclaim all chunks in specified world

Requires: mychunk.commands.purgew

/mychunk ramprate [New Rate] : Set amoutn to be added each time a chunk is purchased when usign ramped pricing

Requires: mychunk.commands.ramprate

/mychunk refund [New Percentage] : Set a new "Unclaim Refund" percentage

Requires: mychunk.commands.refund

/mychunk reload : Reload config/lang files if changed on hard disk

Requires: mychunk.commands.reload

/mychunk toggle allowend : Toggle whether chunks can be claimed in end worlds

Requires: mychunk.commands.toggle.allowend

/mychunk toggle allownether : Toggle whether chunks can be claimed in nether worlds

Requires: mychunk.commands.toggle.allownether

/mychunk toggle expiry : Toggle whether claimed chunks get put up for sale after X days of inactivity (as defined by /mychunk expirydays)

Requires: mychunk.commands.toggle.unclaimed

/mychunk toggle firstchunkfree : Toggle whether players can claim their first chunk fro free

Requires: mychunk.commands.toggle.firstchunkfree

/mychunk toggle mobgrief : Toggle mob griefing in UNclaimed chunks

Requires: mychunk.commands.toggle.mobgrie

/mychunk toggle neighbours : Toggle whether players can claim chunks next to each other

Requires: mychunk.commands.toggle.neighbours

/mychunk toggle notify : Toggle whether users receive notifications of attempts to access their chunks

Requires: mychunk.commands.toggle.notify

/mychunk toggle overbuy : Toggle whether players can buy over the max limit for an extra fee

Requires: mychunk.commands.toggle.overbuy

/mychunk toggle prevententry : Toggle chunk entry protection

Requires: mychunk.commands.toggle.prevententry

/mychunk toggle preventpvp : Toggle PVP protection in UNclaimed chunks

Requires: mychunk.commands.toggle.allowpvp

/mychunk toggle rampchunkprice : Toggle whether chunks get more expensive each time you claim

Requires: mychunk.commands.toggle.rampchunkprice

/mychunk toggle refund : Toggle whether refunds are given when unclaiming chunks

Requires: mychunk.commands.toggle.refund

/mychunk toggle resales : Toggle whether players pay the overbuy price when buying from other players

Requires: mychunk.commands.toggle.resales

/mychunk toggle tnt : Toggle whether TNT causes damage in unclaimed chunks while "Protect Unclaimed" is enabled

Requires: mychunk.commands.toggle.tnt

/mychunk toggle unclaimed : Toggle whether unclaimed chunks are protected (Allow building ONLY in claimed chunks)

Requires: mychunk.commands.toggle.unclaimedf


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