configured: false
#spam protection, set this to true if you have changed the config-file to your settings
reminder_on_join: true
#send a message on join if a player is not registered?
debug: false
#only set to true if I ask it you or you want spam ;)

#mysql settings
  host: localhost
  #where the mysql server is located
  port: 3306
  #mysql port
  username: root
  #mysql username
  password: root
  #mysql password
  database: minecraft
  #the database where the forum data is saved
  table_prefix: mybb_
  #prefix of the mybb tables
  default_group: 2
  #the group id wher the users are put in after registration
#spreak for itself
  reminder: You are not registered at our forums!
  #reminder line 1, if a player is not registered and he joinen the server he see this message.
  reminder2: Pleas register using /register <Password> <Email>
  #reminder line 2, see above
  cannotregister: Can't register you at the forums
  #errormessage if it fails
  notenoughdata: Not enough arguments!
  #shows if the player have nog enough args added
  toomanydata: Too many arguments!
  #shows if a player have too mant args added
  alreadyregistered: You are already registered!
  #shows if a player tries to register, but he is already registered
  trytoregister: Processing Register...
  #message if the server is processing the request for registration
  regsucces: Register succesfull! Go to and login!
  #shows if the player is registered
  signature: Default signature :(
  #default signature of the users at the forum
  novailidemail: Your email is not vailid!
  #sends if email is invailid