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    What is the issue?
    Transferring Worlds

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    I'm trying to make an adventure map, so I created it as a separate world, and a plug-in I use only works in the main world so I tried to simply rename the worlds from adventure -> world and world -> cubes but they didn't like that and reverted to the blank seed world. I was wondering how I could change the name and also I tried to open them in single player but they also were like that (blank). Is there a way to convert them to another usable form/fix the problem?

    P.S. I'm not complaining that they are blank, if I just change the name to the original they work and plus I made back-ups.

    *****Just type /kill and respawn to go to RIGHT place.*****

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    I figured it out! Apparently when you join the world, you don't spawn where you should. I had my spawn set to my buildings, so /kill and I was there.

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