This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

== MyMineZ ==

A Fully Configurable MineZ Plugin!


Updated To 1.6.2!

My-MineZ Will Be Under Going Some Big Changes First Of All That It Shall Be Updated To 1.4.7 In The Next Few Months, Along With This, My MineZ Is Under New Management And We Hope You Wish Up Luck In Keeping This Plugin Update To Date!

-BlueNinjar ( Plugin Leader)

-Min3CraftDud3 (Plugin Lead Coder)

What Is MyMineZ?

MineZ is a game mode that is replicating the mod DayZ! Our plugin is a complete server die mod that changes the coding in players and zombies, gives theme special perks, and changes that any server owner can change at any time! All modifications are server-side, so connected users do not need to have any client modification's installed in order to play. We hope to replicate the plugin the the official MineZ server's have, and maybe even make it better then what they have!


See Full List of Commands and Permissions Here!

Color Key:

  • -Green- Means Added/Working
  • -Red- Means Broken
  • -Black- Means Not Added
  • -Gold- Means Being Next On The List To Add
  • -Blue- Means Possibly Will Be Added


  • Advanced Zombies (Editable)
  • Thirst (Using LVL/XP bar)
  • Bandages (Set to Paper, Can be changed)
  • Anti Hack Diversions (Looks for forcefield, fly, etc hacks)
  • Chest Customization (loot, refill rate, etc)
  • Grenades/Zombie Attractors
  • Custom Death/Thirst Messages
  • Colored Tags Above Head
  • Random Spawn Points
  • Zombies Spawn When Player Dies With Players Items on Zombie
  • Start Off Gear (Configurable)
  • Advanced Player Options (Health Regeneration, etc)

Note: === This plugin is now here, but is still in Alpha/Beta we are adding the features as we have the time to do so! Please don't demand it! ===

We are NOT looking for any more testers currently, so please do not ask until further notice!


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