Mutants Galore

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Hello and Welcome to the mutant show, oh I'm sorry this is your server in the future. Have you ever wanted a plugin that adds cool things like mermaids, Werewolves, Vampires, or even HULKS! (clears throat) then this plugin is for you, just type the simple command /MG and your off and ready to go.


  • Cool Classes with cool abilities.
  • Good and Bad things with all Classes
  • Special privileges for high ranked people

Main Command

  • The basic command /MG will show you the other commands


  • All Permissions are under the command /MG perms
  • Or you can go to the permissions page


  • Vampire: A Vampire fears the light ... They use theirs abilities to sneak around building, they essentially fly by flinging theselves into the air, and drain the health of other ... the Lower class is fledgling.
  • Lycan: A Lycan is considered the second breed of a Werewolf, but in this plugin they are like a 24/7 version of their Lower class the Werewolf, They can use their abilities to dash forward a distance, and destory their enemies in fist fights
  • Herobrine: The stronger class of the default Steve.
  • And more

What does it do?

  • To state the obvious it adds classes/mutants to the game that all players can become of course they need the permissions
  • All classes come with assorted abilities and weaknesses like vampires need a configurable helmet to not be burned by the sun
  • And most classes have cool ways to become said classes


  • To start you will want to find a Mutant you wish to be by typing /MG classes
  • If any mutants pop out at You such as Vampire do /MG (mutant name)
  • After doing that last step the plugin will give you some basic info what your looking for is "To become: (text here)"
  • When you read that choose one way that seems the easiest, but sometimes you have to be a different class to become a specific mutants
  • After completing said task it may not be a hundred percent chance that you will become that class, normally it will send you a message, but it will almost always set you to the lower class, of which is weaker.
  • If you want to become the higher class it is in the lower classes /MG (class name) so for instance if you chose vampire, you would be a fledgling, to go to a full vampire you have to kill another player, but if you need to know how to check in game use /MG (class name) then look for "To full class: (some text here)"
  • after becoming a mutant/class you will have it's weaknesses and it's passive and energy required abilities, but if you don't like that class it may be difficult to become a human again just do /MG (class name) and look for the "back to human: (some text here)" just follow those step(s) and it will either put you as a different class (the lower class) or a human
  • if you become a lower class from that last step do the same thing but instead use /MG (lower classes name).


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