Change Log:

MusicService v1.5.2

  • Fixed exception in Towny handling code. This version is now incompatible with all past versions of Towny prior to
  • Disabled wilderness tower support until it is fixed to prevent unnecessary bug reports.
  • Preliminary support for optional Spout support in the process of being added.

MusicService v1.5.1

  • Fixed exception in faction handling code.

MusicService v1.4.9

  • Fixed a bug in the autodetect for icecast that sometimes got stuck because some servers like to claim they're both shoutcast and icecast at the same time. So, this means there's no way for me to autodetect any longer. I've decided to leave it up to the players to decide if it's a shoutcast or an icecast server when they call the newly added setshout or setice commands, or if they use findshout or findice.
  • Added setshout and setice instead of just set for setting the shoutcast or icecast streams.
  • Searching for findshout and findice is now asynchronous and will not cause lag spikes on the server. Thanks to twisted for finding this one.
  • Fixed the permissions for find so that it is now findice and findshout.

MusicService v1.4.8

  • Separated yml files for each region type to ease the lives of admins.
  • Added initial residence support - not working due to a superperm dependency problem.
  • Initial support for parsing out advanced stream information - disabled for now in lieu of testing.
  • Custom configuration file saving added.
  • If a user types their name on index page and hits the enter key instead of clicking the button, they were redirected to ?username, now it opens correctly.
  • Config.yml gets generated from a default if it does not yet exist, thanks to Thachan.
  • Combined commands into a single command /music, thanks to Thachan.
  • Corrected port missing bug in setting of the station, thanks to Thachan.

MusicService v1.4.7

  • Added index page to asks the user for their minecraft ID and redirects them to their player page.
  • Added a more informative 404 page.

MusicService v1.4.6

  • Changed to FFMp3 flash player, which seems to have a better design than the previous player.
  • Added Icecast support.
  • Player names in the URL are now case insensitive.

MusicService v1.4.5

  • Fixed refresh bug.
  • Solved an http parse error in the log.

MusicService v1.4.4

  • Towny support.
  • WorldGuard region support.
  • Regios support.
  • iZone support.
  • No more dependency on having a webserver.
  • Built-in webserver that reads from memory and does not access the file system.
  • Added /findmusic command for finding music streams.
  • Added /pickmusic command for picking streams returned by the findmusic command.
    Wilderness stations now saved to the config.yml. However, wilderness now has a bug when you move it stops playing and then starts playing again. I will attempt to fix this in the next version. Do not bother making wilderness stations if you use this version for now.

MusicService v1.2.4

  • Paths are now gathered from the config.yml instead of hardcoded.
  • I know I said I was going to save wilderness to a config, and separate the main config from the stations, etc. But, I figured I might as well just get this release out and worry about that in a future update instead so no one has to wait any longer for a release.

MusicService v1.2.3

  • Fixed an exception in OnPlayerInteract.

MusicService v1.2.2

  • The site now works correctly on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. And, probably Safari but I haven't tested it.
  • IE9 seems to work now, but needs more testing. Let me know if you encounter any problems. I might have fixed this finally.

MusicService v1.2.0

  • Now uses a bukkit scheduler to delay an event notifying the player there is a new stream, on the test server this seemed to speed up transitions between stations.
  • Fixed Chrome bug where the timer would sometimes time out when the window was minimized. I think.
  • I've added support for building towers in the wilderness of iron blocks, and then you hit the base with a stick (left click) which assigns it as a radio tower. Then you setmusic the station and the radius is derived from the tower height. Note: I'm not currently storing the wilderness towers to the hard drive, so if the server reboots the wilderness stations go poof and you have to set them again. I will be fixing this soon. It doesn't affect the faction stations.
  • I've also fixed the teleporting not changing stations when teleporting between factions.
  • Corrected the stations not changing when using a portal to another world.

Music Service v1.1.8

  • Initial release.
  • Factions support.
  • Chrome support.