Developer Information: Creating Resourcepacks

Developer Information: Creating Resourcepacks

Creating your own resourcepacks

To create your own resourcepacks you need the following.

  • The sounds that you would want to loop in a .ogg format. If you do not have the the file in that format/ at all, you would need A) a SoundConverter or B) A AudioRecorcder
  • A Text Editor (you should have one on your system already)

To create the resourcepack you can either watch this By Clicking This Link Here., or by reading on.

Here is how you would make the resourcepack step-by-Step:

  1. Create a .zip file. You can use WinRAR or 7Zip.
  2. Create a file called pack.mcmeta. This will store the data for your resourcepack, in which you would put this line
  • { "pack": { "pack_format": 1, "description": "My Resourcepack" }}
  1. Create a folder called assets
  2. inside that folder, create a folder called minecraft
  3. inside that folder, create a file called sounds.json . This will store all the names of each sound. Inside it should look like this:
  • { "NameOfMySound": { "sounds": [ "NameOfMySound" ] }, "NameOfSecondSound": { "sounds": [ "NameOfSecondSound" ] } } If you only want one sound, then remove the "name of second sound" section, and remove the comma from the } above. If you want to create more, copy and paste the "NameOfMySound" section. [Note] Learn above .json files if you have no idea what a section is.
  1. Now, creat a foldder called sounds. This is the folder that will hold all of the .ogg files
  2. Add the NamesOfMySound.ogg and NameOfMySecondSound.ogg (if you have the second one).

Once you are done with this, you have created your own resourcepack. You should now be able to test the sound by using the /playsound command for your sound.

Posting your Resourcepack

If you have created your resourcepack, you now need to give that resourcepack to everyone that joins your server. To do this, all you need to do is find a site that will host your file (such as DropBox of MediaFire). Now, in order to have this link on your server, or to actually add this file to your server,Click Here.

After this, you should now be able to hear your own music on your server.


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