Multiworld somehow facilitates EnderPearl Clipping #198

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  • MithrandirMage created this issue Sep 11, 2016

    Components which are most provably envolved:

    - Spigot 1.10.2
    - AuthmeReloaded
    - Multiworld

    The issue:

    EnderPearl clipping was long ago erradicated from Minecraft Vanilla, however, there where still some issues where AuthmeReloaded would incorrectly attribute a player's Y axis position on logout. This issue by Authme was also corrected recently, but it seems Multiworld still somehow causes this.

    I've done extensive testing, and I have come to the conclusion that this only happens if Multiworld is applied. Does Multiworld manage player coordinates or safely place them on login? Because that could be the issue.

  • MithrandirMage added the tags New Defect Sep 11, 2016

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