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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R1.0


Changes in SignPortals-2.4-AB

  • Many new features and fixes (maybe)

Changes in SignPortals 2.3-AB

  • Update for Core 2.3

Changes in SignPortals 2.2-AB

  • Fix: Couldn't create signportals if you had netherportals installed too.

  • Add: Bounceback when you don't have access.

Changes in SignPortals 2.1-b129

  • Fix: SignPortals creating portals if you were outside of the actual portal bounds.
  • Fix: Signs on Portals (Finally!)
  • Fix: Problem with MultiInv not catching inventory change.

Changes in SignPortals 2.0-b122

  • Fix: Signs not validating
  • Fix: Signs on Portals NOTE: Make sure to use Multiverse-Core 2.0-b275+ as part of the bugfixes were in there!

Changes in SignPortals 2.0-b121

  • Initial re-release (now we're back to 100% of where MV 1.7 was! yay!)
  • NEW: Create signs that can be right clicked
  • NEW: Added create/validate permissions (create is for creating new signs, validate is for converting old MV1 signs or validating red MVSP signs)
  • NEW: Colors show when signs are valid
  • NEW: Can place portal anywhere around the portal (even below to hide!)