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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1060


Changes in Multiverse-Portals 2.0-b210

REQUIRES: Multiverse-Core 2.0-b248+

  • Add Portals can be made out of Water/Lava/Portal material
  • Portals can now be of any shape
  • Add Can turn the onMove listener off (Requires Server restart) and only use Purple Portal material
  • * (Need to Cite a wiki page on how to do this)
  • Fix Check column before checking around when teleporting to a portal.

Changes in Multiverse-Portals 2.0-b183

  • Made World Access by default OP. However, opfallback is still set to true by default

* It's pretty easy for any player to destroy a portal.
* Purple style portals will **only teleport you if you have CB1064+**