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    Apr 20, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R1.0


  • New: Hooks Multiverse-Adventure to remove inventories from worlds that are reset.
  • New: Added Sharable API. This allows other plugins to very easily hook into Multiverse-Inventories to enable sharing their custom stats in the same way Multiverse-Inventories shares built in bukkit stats.
  • New: Readded "use_bypass" option to config. This must be enabled to take advantage of mvinv.bypass. permissions.
  • New: Added negative share nodes. For instance you can now use "all" and disable shares per group like "-hunger" (group shares everything but hunger)
  • New: Added ability to have optional shares. These must be enabled via command "/mvinv toggle sharename". When not enabled they simply do nothing.
  • New: Added "economy" optional share. To enable this use "/mvinv toggle economy". It is included in "all". It will causes balances to switch just like any other stat. Please be aware that currently there are ways to "smuggle" currency across non-shared worlds (eg. /pay player)
  • New: Added new shares: fire ticks, fall distance, remaining air, max air, and potion effects.
  • New: Added "/mvinv group". This uses the new Bukkit Conversations API to give several group management options in one command.
  • New: Added last_location optional share. This will hijack ALL teleporting into worlds that don't share last_location with the player's previous world and move them to the last position they were in for that group (WHICH MAY BE A DIFFERENT WORLD THAN THE ONE THEY TELEPORT TO!)
  • New: Added a config option to use the default group for ungrouped worlds (instead of all ungrouped worlds not sharing anything). This will perhaps bring a more familiar behaviour for users that previously used other inventory sharing plugins. The default for this option is FALSE however, which will cause default behavior to remain unchanged.
  • Change: Split shares into one stat per share with the option for "package deals". An example is "inventory_contents" and "armor_contents" which will both be shared if the word "inventory" is used as a share.
  • Change: Implemented feildmaster's EnhancedConfiguration and improved performance of Commented Config.
  • Change: The auto-created default group now only contains your default worlds.
  • Change: "/mvinv info" now works without args.
  • Change: Allowed groups to have no worlds.
  • Change: getDefaultGroup() ALWAYS returns a group even if it has been removed from config. If it is created as a result, it will share ALL.
  • Fix: Fixed inventories not switching properly in some cases.
  • Fix: Fix for stats/inventories not properly loading defaults when moving to a new world/group.
  • Fix: Improved debugging output for shares being switched on world change.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where worlds were indirectly sharing the wrong thing. For example, world1 and world2 share exp only. world3 shares nothing with world1 and world2. Moving from world1 to world3 to world2 would previously result in having EVERYTHING (not just exp) from world1.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where players would retain exp for a group on death when they respawned in a group that didn't share exp with where they died.