Custom Generators That Support Multiverse

  • Dungeon Maze
    Quote from Developer:

    Dungeon Maze is a world generator for Minecraft, it's a CraftBukkit plugin. Dungeon Maze generates an infinite world with a lot of cool and strange stuff in it. The world contains 7 layers of epicness, each layer does have different content. All the layers contains a lot of Monsters, but also a lot of treasures. It's a very cool map to explore with some friends. Give it a try! Will you survive?

  • Plotme
    Quote from Developer:

    PlotMe, a multi-world plot management plugin. Each plot world has its own configurations. Each plot is also protected and only the owner can build on it. The paths/road surrounding the plots are protected against any type of griefing.

  • Cleanroom Generator
    Quote from Developer:

    This plugin can be used by world managers such as MultiVerse as a Custom Chunk Generator to create customisable flat clean room style worlds.

  • Floating Island World Generation
    Quote from Developer:

    This world generator is designed to completely replace the overworld's world generation with something a bit different. Instead, you will be presented with an endless amount of floating islands, each having their own biome with features for those biomes.

  • Island Craft
    Quote from Developer:

    IslandCraft changes the biome distribution of the world to create an endless ocean filled with randomly generated islands.


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