Frequently Asked Questions (And the answers to them)

1. Does this support Spigot/MCPC+/Tekkit? Yes, if it doesn't work fully as it should, post a ticket in the ticket section so we can get right on to it!

2. Do the worlds load on startup? Yes, they do, however you can use /mv load <worldname> <world type> to load new ones.

3. How do I import a world I created before installing Multiverse without stopping the server? Simple! You can use /mv import <World Name> <World Type> For example: /mv import world2 normal

4. After a reload, the plugin breaks! Help!!!!! Simple thing. don't use /reload, either reboot your server or do /save-all, then do /mv reload, the command /reload is known to sometimes "break" plugins and renders parts unusable.

5. Does this support x generator? This is something you will have to ask the developer of X generator about, since all they have to do is hook into our simple API here!

6. Can I set different gamemodes per world? Yes, you can do so by either going into the worlds.yml and manually editing it, or you can go onto the desired world and use /mvm set gamemode creative/survival/adventure, the numbers 1/0/2 will also suffice.

7. HOW DO I REMOVE THIS PREFIX FOR MY CHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! Simply type /mv conf prefixchat false. And for a full view of the config in game, you can do /mv conf show.

8. Is multiverse dead? No, thanks to dumptruckman's updates :) TWSSYesterday will also be helping at a later date.

9. How do I set a spawn for the world? Stand where you want the spawn to be set for that world, and type the command /mv setspawn


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