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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1317
  • CB 1240


Changes in Core 2.0-b279

  • Fix: Difficulty is actually saved to the config file.

Changes in Core 2.0-b277

  • Feature: Added support for per world difficulty setting.
  • Fix: Moved the World GameMode check over to onPlayerChangeWorldEvent, this should prevent your game mode being forced when using /spawn within the spawn world and other edge cases such as teleporting to players within your world.

Changes in Core 2.0-b275

  • Fix: Hunger not working
  • Fix: SignPortals not working

Changes in Core 2.0-b271

  • Fix Bug in new Teleport permissions
  • Add Bed Destination
  • Add Enable/disable Hunger
  • Other bugfixes

Changes in Core 2.0-b265

Changes in Core 2.0-b256

  • Add support for new GameModes!
  • Now use mvm set mode creative/survival

Changes in Core 2.0-b252

  • Fixed an 'Array Index out of Bounds' error.

Changes in Core 2.0-b248

  • Add a custom event MVTeleportEvent.
  • Add /mv gens to show you all of your world generators (note: may not work with all WGENS)
  • Add /mv debug [0/1/2/3] for different levels of debugging
  • Fix /mv who [WORLD] showing "There are players in <Java Class>".
  • Fix World destinations now support Pitch/Yaw
  • Exact destinations no longer use the Safe Teleporter. If you set one over a lava pit, you will die.
  • Fix the Safe Teleporter's interaction with water.
  • Fix the Safe Teleporter spawning you on top or on the side of a valid portal.
  • Fix use "DisplayName" in /mvwho

Changes in Core 2.0-b228

  • Made World Access by default OP. However, opfallback is still set to true by default

Changes in Core 2.0-b227

  • Add iCo 6 Support
  • Add MultiCurrency Support
  • Fix AllPay bugs when no econ was found
  • Allow /mvtp cannon-X