This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Are you looking for a simple, easy to setup permissions system that works? Then hang up your coat and dust off your boots, and welcome to MultiPerms! MultiPerms is a simple permissions plugin that seeks compatibility, speed, and simplicity rather than features and capability.

Installation Simply put the MultiPerms.jar file in your /plugins folder and run your server. You can edit your config.yml while the server is running and type /perm reload once you've finished editing it. This will load your new config. If you want you can edit config.yml using commands (page coming soon) and type /perm save to save your changes to config.yml.


  • Vault Compatible
  • Group Inheritance
  • Players can have multiple groups
  • Negative Permissions
  • Built-in Promotion Permissions (see commands page coming soon)
  • Optional Command permissions (block users from using certain commands or even commands parameters, but if you don't want it it won't load that feature).
  • Multi-World/Global support for groups and individual permissions.
  • Custom Event API that allows for dynamic permissions interaction


  • /perm reload (loads the config file)
  • /perm save (saves current settings to the config)
  • /perm g:Default setperm (adds permission to group Default)
  • /perm p:Multitallented setperm (adds to Multitallented's permissions)
  • /perm p:Multitallented setgroup Default (sets Multitallented to group Default)
  • /perm p:Multitallented addgroup Default (adds group Default to Multitallented's groups)
  • /perm p:Multitallented has (tells you if Multitallented has
  • /perm p:Multitallented groups (tells you what groups Multitallented is in)
  • /perm p:Multitallented setperm w:World_Nether (adds to Multitallented's permissions only in world World_Nether)
  • /perm p:Multitallented setgroup Default w:World_Nether (sets Multitallented to group Default in world World_Nether)
  • /perm p:Multitallented addgroup Default w:World_Nether (adds group Default to Multitallented's groups in World_Nether)

Permission Nodes

  • ! (sets to false)
  • perm.setgroup.default.player (lets a player set players in the default group to the player group using /perm p:Multitallented setgroup player)
  • perm.addgroup.default.player (lets a player add the group player to people in the default group using /perm p:Multitallented addgroup player)
  • (prevents a player from using /tp)
  • (prevents a player from using /tp if they include "multi" after the command (/tp multitallented, /tp multi))
  • all (gives you all permissions)

If you want to request features or would like to help, let me know! If you need help or want to chat, I'm on in channel #heroes

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