Disable MultiInv on specific Worlds (Multivserse) #309

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  • Forge_User_54468877 created this issue May 24, 2017

    Hey, first thank you for this plugin!


    I've some issues with plugins like SurvivalGames and BedwarsRel.

    These plugins have to clear the interface every time a game starts.


    I'm using a specific world (multiverse) for every game.
    At the time a game starts the game plugin is clearing the players interfaces but MultiInv takes control and sets the interface to the end of last round - the time when the player was leaving the world because the game ended.


    I need a simple option to exclude some worlds completly from using MultiInv.
    I've searched some time but i don't found a solution.

    I'm not a java developer but a kind of developer - i found your repo on github (https://github.com/Pluckerpluck/MultiInv) and if i got some time free i'll spend this diging in your code and maybe do some merge request or post lines to this issue.


    Best regards


  • Forge_User_54468877 added a tag Enhancement May 24, 2017
  • LeOtOmAs posted a comment Aug 24, 2018

    you can add the worlds for minigames to a group in the groups file in plugins/multiinv and if a players inventory gets cleared, it saves it in all of the worlds in a world group.

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