Shulkerboxes are empty after restart #304

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  • _ForgeUser11929691 created this issue Feb 2, 2017

    Unfortunately I've got a quite urgent issue to be solved.
    It seems like shulkerboxes in inventory/enderchest are empty after a restart. Does MultiInv save them correctly yet? If not, a hotfix would be awesome as this will cause a lot of lost items.

  • _ForgeUser11929691 added a tag Defect Feb 2, 2017
  • _ForgeUser8427578 posted a comment Feb 6, 2017

    Can confirm, running on

    git-Spigot-6f7aabf-c8ff651 (MC: 1.11) (compiled february 4th)

    TuxTwoLib v1.11-b7

    and tested with MultiInv 3.3.6 and 3.3.7b


    Only happens for inventories in inventory-groups currently inactive for the player at shutdown/last logoff.

    Name and color of shulker boxes remain as they were though.


    A fix would be awesome!

    Edited Feb 6, 2017
  • _ForgeUser11929691 closed issue Feb 14, 2017

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