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  • _ForgeUser8580505 created this issue Apr 15, 2016

    Some NBT-data are not implemented yet for saving or need some fixes:

    - Item-flag "tag - HideFlags" is not saved/implemented (known since Spigot 1.8)
    - Writable books getting cleared after quitting/joining (known since Spigot 1.8)
    - Written books shows "*Invalid book tag*" after quitting/joining (known since Spigot 1.8)
    - All types of potions getting cleared to water-bottles of same type after quitting/joining (known since Spigot 1.9.2 / MultiInv Jenkins#74)

    Tested with Spigot 1.9.2, MultiInv Jenkins#74, using MySQL-storing, TuxTwoLib 1.9-b7


    useSQL: true
    splitHealth: true
    splitHunger: true
    controlGamemode: true
    separateGamemodeInventories: true
    - creative
      host: localhost
      port: '3306'
      username: **********
      password: "**********"
      database: **********
      prefix: multiinv_
    compatibilityMode: false
    xpfix: true
    SaveInventoryOnQuit: true

    additional information
    Then deleting multiinv_books table a new one would be generated but no entries were added so yea... no booktags could be found.

  • _ForgeUser8580505 added the tags New Enhancment Apr 15, 2016
  • _ForgeUser7054709 posted a comment Apr 24, 2016

    I can confirm this; the new 1.9 enchants and shield banners are not saved.

    Also, if i may: where did you find TuxTwoLib 1.9-b7 ?
    A recent build of MultiInv on Jenkins mentions "Requires build 7 of TuxTwoLib" but I can't seem to find it. Thanks!

  • _ForgeUser8580505 posted a comment Apr 24, 2016

    @Plumeex: Go

    I throw a look into the .pom-configuration from the jenkins-page: ;)

    Edited Apr 24, 2016
  • Tux2 posted a comment Apr 24, 2016

    TuxTwoLib b7 is still in development and isn't available yet. I still have to do some bug testing. Since you are using an unreleased version you will get no support.

    Edited Apr 24, 2016
  • _ForgeUser8580505 posted a comment Apr 24, 2016

    @Tux2: Go

    No problem, sorry if I annoyed you. I think it's clear that all Jenkis-related stuff is in heavy-development. I used enhancement instead of error for this ticket to make things clear that this is more for information.

  • Tux2 posted a comment Apr 24, 2016

    @Androkai: Go

    Yeah, no worries. Reason why I deleted your response is because I just didn't want everyone being able to access the dev version of TuxTwoLib and having issues.

    Edited Apr 24, 2016

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