This plugin provides server owners with an easy to install and configure method of providing their users with multiple home locations, and corresponding teleports to those locations, as well as economy functions and a built in, configurable cast time.


  • Ability to set a number of teleports per user group
  • Ability to associate a cost with setting a home location, and teleporting to said location
  • Ability to set a cast time for all home teleports
  • Ability to list all of your set home locations
  • Admin control commands


  • /sethome <x> : Used to set home number <x>
  • /home <x> : Used to teleport to home number <x>
  • /homelist : Used to list all your set homes
  • /mhmadmin : The admin control command


  • mhm.command.sethome.tier<x> : Gives ability to set the x-th tier of homes
  • mhm.command.home : Gives ability to teleport to any homes that you can set
  • mhm.command.homelist : Gives access to /homelist
  • mhm.command.mhmadmin.*: Gives access to all the admin commands listed below
  • mhm.command.mhmadmin : Gives access to the admin help command
  • mhm.command.mhmadmin.unsethome : Allows an admin to unset a users selected home
  • mhm.command.mhmadmin.listothers : Allows an admin to list another players home locations

Basic Configuration

  • HomesPerTier : Number of homes each tier of users gets (see permission mhm.command.set home.tier<x> above) Default: 1
  • TeleportDelay : The cast time (in whole seconds) of each teleport Default: 3

Economy Configuration - Requires Vault

  • EconomyEnabled : True if you want to use the economy functions, false otherwise. Default: True
  • SetHomeCharge: True if you want to charge for /sethome, false otherwise Default: True
  • SetHomeCost: Amount to charge for /sethome Default: 25
  • HomeCharge: True if you want to charge for /home, false otherwiseDefault: False
  • HomeCost: Amount to charge for /home Default: 0

Coming Soon

  • Customizable Colors
  • Name mapping akin to /home beachhouse, rather than /home 1 (Both will work)
  • Permission node to ignore costs, possible toggle-able for when admins are administrating, rather than playing


If you like my plugin and would like to support my website and server costs, click the donation link (Right below where you sign in, up top)


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