MultiCurrency was originally made by ashtheking but went inactive. So I updated it. It basically supplies multiple currencies, useful when you have an RPG server that has different nations on it, and when they all want their own currency. MultiCurrency allows you to pay each other in different currencies, earn different currencies, convert an item into currency, create currencies, remove currencies and exchange from one currency to another, and to change the exchange rate that this goes at! Such a nifty set-up!


All commands' aliases are prefixed by "mc" e.g. /pay -> /mcpay

  • /pay <player> <amount> <currency> : gives <player> <amount> of <currency>
  • /money <currency> : checks the amount of <currency> you own.
  • /convert <currency> <amount> : converts <amount> of the item into <currency>
  • (OP) /create <currency> <item> : creates <currency> which can be obtained after converting <item>
  • (OP) /remove <player> <currency (optional>: Nulls the maximum / specified currency of the player (changes it to 0.00)
  • (OP) /exchange <currency> <amount> : Changes the exchange rate of <currency> to <amount>. Exchange rate is the amount of <currency> you get for one <item>
  • (OP) /eco <give/add/remove/rm> <player> <currency> <amount> : Adds / removes <amount> of <currency> to/from <player>. Checks if they have it before removing if you want to remove though.


  • /pay = <default - true>
  • /money = <default - true>
  • /convert = multicurrency.convert <default - true>
  • /create = multicurrency.create <default - op>
  • /remove = multicurrency.remove <default - op>
  • /exchange = <default - op>
  • /eco = <default - op>
    • Config only permission:
  • multicurrency.obtain.<currency> = give this permission to players you want to be able to obtain the currency, but ONLY if the option in config "requirePermsForEachCurrency" is true.


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