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Latest Version: v1.2.39 | Status: Available!
Compatibility: Tested with Bukkit 1.7.2 - 1.7.10, but has been reported to work with as low as 1.5.2

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Spawn players at various defined points randomly

This plugin has been created to provide various new ways to spawn and teleport players on your server, ranging from automatic spawning on first join, to portals set up with just a few commands.

Planned Features

Planned for version 1.3:

  • Complete rework of commands/syntax!
  • Deprecation of original permission nodes; implementation of new ones to match updated command syntax.
    • Old permission nodes will still be usable for a while in order to let server owners adapt to the new system.
  • Modify Spawns/Portals in-game.
  • Use the /msp spawn or /msp tp command to teleport other players.
  • Plugin documentation moved to new/separate page.
  • Full documentation/wiki on GitHub.

Future versions:

  • Configs split up into spawns.yml, portals.yml and config.yml (to prevent extremely long config files)
  • Possible SQL back-end as an optional alternative to storing data via configs.
  • Anything else people happen to suggest...

Command Usage

  • /msp add <name> [true|false] <spawn-group> - Adds a spawn point where you are standing and sets whether or not players can spawn at it randomly.
  • /msp addportal <name> <destination> <spawn-group> - Adds a portal on the block you are targeting.
  • /msp delete <name> - Deletes a spawn point from the server.
  • /msp delportal <name> - Deletes a portal block from the server.
  • /msp spawn <name> - Teleports you to a specific spawn point.
  • /msp random <spawn-group> - Teleports you to a random spawn point if its allow-random-spawn setting is set to true.
  • /msp list [spawns|portals] [traits] - Lists all defined spawn points.
  • /msp reload - Reloads the plugin and configuration.
  • /msp help - Shows a list of commands.


  • options.random-spawn-on-join: true/false - Tells the plugin whether to spawn new players at one of the allowed random spawns.
  • options.first-join-spawn-group: default - Tells the plugin which spawn group to use when spawning new players randomly.
  • options.auto-update: true/false - Tells the plugin whether to automatically update the plugin when a new version is available.
    See the Updater section below.
  • options.allow-plugin-metrics: true/false - Tells the plugin whether to send server statistics to MCStats.org.
    See the MCStats / Plugin Metrics section below for details.
  • spawns.[name].allow-random-spawn: true/false - Tells the plugin whether this spawnpoint can be teleported to by new players or players typing the /msp random command.


  • multispawnplus.* - Gives access to all features of MultiSpawnPlus.
  • multispawnplus.add.* - Allows the user to create portal blocks and spawn points.
  • multispawnplus.add.spawn - Allows the user to create spawn points.
  • multispawnplus.add.portal - Allows the user to create portal blocks.
  • multispawnplus.delete.* - Allows the user to remove portal blocks and spawn points.
  • multispawnplus.delete.spawn - Allows the user to remove spawn points.
  • multispawnplus.delete.portal - Allows the user to remove portal blocks.
  • multispawnplus.spawn - Allows the user to teleport to any defined spawn point.
  • multispawnplus.random - Allows the user to teleport to a random spawn point.
  • multispawnplus.list - Allows the user to see a list of all defined spawn points.
  • multispawnplus.reload - Allows the user to reload the plugin and config.
  • multispawnplus.help - Allows the user to see a list of MultiSpawnPlus commands.

MCStats / Plugin Metrics

This plugin is sending server statistics to MCStats.org as of v1.2.24. To opt out, set allow-plugin-metrics to false in the MultiSpawnPlus config.


If auto-update is set to 'true', this plugin will automatically download updates using Updater (as of v1.2.27).
You may also set it to 'false' to only receive a message via the console if Updater detects a new version.

Questions or Suggestions?

PM me, or email me at freetheenslaved@gmail.com


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