MTP Plugin-CmB

MTP Plugin-CmB

version 1.0 Beta
CommandBlock Expansions Pack

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What is this plugin doing ?
It adds new commands to the minecraft CommandBlock.

  • Set all Extern Command at Minecraft CommandBlock(multiple)
  • Set Double Intern Command at Minecraft CommandBlock
  • Set all Console Command at Minecraft CommandBlock(multiple)
  • Set Timer at Minecraft CommandBlock
  • CommandBlock break=true (dropItem)
  • CommandBlock Manipulation
  • NoCmd Blocked File
  • click CommandBlock and Player have permissions or is Op then view cmd
    • over config disable or enable (Default disable)(v0.8 or higher)
  • Chat Commands:
    • /mtpcmb - general info
    • /mtpcmb update - Check Update NewVersion
    • /mtpcmb delname - del CommandBlock Name
    • /mtpcmb setname - set CommandBlock Name
    • /mtpcmb getname - search CommandBlock Name
    • /mtpcmb getcmd - search Command im CommandBlock (simple Check)
    • /mtpcmb check - search errors in CommandBlock (extreme Check,alpha)
    • /mtpcmb setcmd - set cmd from copy getcmd (v0.2 or higher)
    • /mtpcmb opplayer - Check OpPlayer(security write for OpPlayer-must always be empty)-config.yml on/off (v0.5 or higher)
    • /mtpcmb oprefresh - Refresh OpPlayer is Check OpPlayer not Okay (v0.5 or higher)
    • /mtpcmd unlock (Unlock CommandBlock,when have Problems)(v0.91 or higher)
  • Speciale Commands:
    • /mtprd */@....... (bypass Redstone, only Externe Commands)((v0.6 or higher))
    • ......[<parameter] mtpcmb dummy - set cmd dummy for <parameter> wire= or blank Command(v0.3 or higher)
  • permission: yes for all
  • for PluginsUpdater projectID: mtpplugin-cmb=64261

Declaration of commands in CommandBlock:

  • additional Intern Command: always begins with &/@
    • -Standard Cmd of CommandBlocks
  • Extern Commands: always begins with */@
    • Player:
      • */@a<Radius> <Command> (all Players Optional with radius)Disabled from v.1.1b
      • */@p<Radius> <Command> (next Player Optional with radius)Disabled from v.1.1b
      • */@r<Radius> <Command> (random Player Optional with radius)Disabled from v.1.1b

New in v.0.2b */@a [r=...] .... or */@p [r=.....]..... or */@r [r=.....]....

  • set all Parameter..../@p [<parameter] (...../@p 1xfree then [<parameter>].....)
  • set all Paramater with or without 1xfree (..../@p[<parameter] or...../@p [<parameter>].....)from v.1.1b
    • Player: New (The sequence of parameter doesent matter)
      • */@a [<parameter>] <Command> (all Players Parameter Optional)
      • */@p [<parameter>] <Command> (next Player Parameter Optional)
      • */@r [<parameter>] <Command> (random Player Parameter Optional)
        • Parameter:
          • x=
          • y=
          • z=
          • r=
          • rm=
          • m=
          • c=
          • l=
          • lm=
          • lc=
          • cost=
          • costitem=
          • name=
          • perm=
          • world=
          • money=
          • money!=
          • f=
          • wire=
          • ih=
          • iv=
          • cdb=
          • rg_pl=
          • rg_n=
          • rg_pn
          • rg_o=
          • rg_ol=
          • rg_m=
          • rg_ml=
          • delay_last=
          • delay_first=
          • pw=
          • group=
          • group!=
          • msg=
          • jsfile=
          • count=
          • stop=
          • del=
  • Console:
    • */@c
  • Timer: always begins with #
    • #<0-9> Timer Next Block in sec. (Optional) form v0.5 or higher #<0-99>
  • PlayerName: always begins with %p
    • %p (Optional in Command-not in Console Command)

You can add 1 additional intern command and or x Extern.
The limit command is defined in config.yml
CmBMaxInterneCmD: 1 (the 1 is additional to final cmd)
CmBMaxExterneCmd: 5 (Default)

Option Parameter List

The sequence of commands doesent matter.the timer has to be at the end, or at the start if its set.

  • Examples:
    • final cmd|extern cmd|intern cmd|timer
    • extern cmd|intern cmd|extern cmd
    • timer
    • extern cmd|extern cmd|extern cmd|extern cmd etc. etc.
  • Invalid:
    • timer|extern cmd
    • extern cmd|timer|intern cmd
    • extern cmd|timer|extern cmd|timer the timer has to be at the end, or at the start without arguments behind. Timer in Timer doesnt works. (See examples on top)
  • RedStone for CommandBlocks and this plugin:
    • /mtprd */@....... (bypass Redstone, only Externe Commands)((v0.6 or higher))
    • The Plugin only reacts for 2 possible switching mechanism. Otherwise nothing happens.
    • Basically only 1 Redstone wire can be set.
    • At Input is only 1 Comparator or 1 Redstone allowed.
  • Examples on Input:
    • CommandBlock - Comparator - .... (Comparator sets Signal 2x, by switching on and off)
    • CommandBlock - Redstone - x (x hast to prohibit back coupling, Redstone sets Signal 1x, by switching on)
    • x = Repeater,Block,Komparator,Button,Hebel,Piston etc.
  • This doesnt works at input:
    • CommandBlock - Redstone - Redstone .....
    • CommandBlock - Repeater .....
    • CommandBlock - Block .....
    • CommandBlock - Torch ..... etc. etc.

see pictures.(later)

Console commands can be differet to InGame commands.
Ingame commands sometimes need a playername or other arguments, please use help of plugin.
You Can't jail or kick yourself etc.

Short Introduction in v.0.2b

Plugin Command Examples:

Examples 1

  • Final Cmd | Interner Cmd | Externer Cmd | Externer Cmd | Timer
  • /give @p 277 1&/give @p 276 1*/@c weather Testworld clear*/@p [r=10] give %p 278 1#9

Results of 1

  1. Give next player 1x Item 277 (Intern Command)
  2. Give next player 1x Item 276 (Intern Command)
  3. Console sets weather in world to sun (Extern Command)
  4. Give next player in Radius of 10 Block 1x Item 278 (Extern Command)
  5. Search after 9 sec. next CommandBlock (Timer)

Examples 2

  • Extern Cmd
  • */@c weather clear

Results of 2

  1. Nothing would happen because of */@c is a console command and the console requires a world for this command.
  2. Correct is */@c weather WorldName clear oder */@p weather clear

Examples 3

  • Intern Cmd | Externer Cmd
  • &/give @p [r=100] 277 1*/@p [r=100] promote %p test

Results of 3

  1. Give next player in radius of 100 blocks 1x Item 277 (Intern Command)
  2. Promote next player in Radius of 100 Block in the Group test (Extern Command)

Warning !!!
Using this plugin is at your own risk! Incorrect usage can have the effect of server crash or lag especially when you use the extern command */@a incorrect.

Whats coming next:

  • -new Player Scoreboard Command

If you have suggestions or complains, let me know (german or english)

You like my plugin? You want to support it with example videos (file or link), send it to or Ticket

For donate, use paypal:

Test Plugin Projects:

  • MTP Plugin-Extra (Test phase on Deticat Server)
  • MTP Plugin-InventoryGui (Testphase on Deticat Server)
  • SimplePluginsUpdater (Testphase on Deticat Server)


This plugin has a built-in auto-updater, which connects to BukkitDev to check for updates. If you, for some reason, wish to disable this process, you can do so by setting 'AutoUpdate' to false in the plugins' settings file.


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