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This VaRo plugin allows a Bukkit Server to turn into a Varo project, big German youtubers created. Players can join every 12 hours (editable) and play for 15 minutes. When you die it's over. Fight for you and your teampartner(s) and be the last one to survive! And remember it's VaRo (Vanilla Roleplay)! There are no friends in Varo besides your teampartner(s)! DownloadButton


The following aspects of the game can be customised in a config:

  • Session length
  • Spawnprotection length
  • Minimum wait time between sessions
  • Banned potions
  • Banned items
  • Team size
  • and more...

But wait! There is more!

  • Automatic chest protection for every team
  • Strike system for the admins to stay in control of the rules
  • Automatic strikes for campers
  • Fancy time indicator that gives you the remaining session time
  • Reloadable during the project to fix lags
  • Relog limit per session
  • Tells you the remaining wait time if you join too early
  • ... and a cool thunder sound when someone dies



  • Help

/mv rt <teamName> <Players>

  • Admins can register teams with custom names.

/mv dt <teamName>

  • Delete a team

/mv sp <id>

  • Admins set the spawnpoints for the beginning of the project. Teammates will always spawn on spawnpoints with adjacent ids (1&2, 3&4, ...)

/mv strike <Player> <reason>

  • Admins can give out strikes to players.

/mv unstrike <Player> <strikeID>

  • Admins can remove certain strikes from players

/mv strikes <Player>

  • Players can see how many strikes they or antother player have and have insight on the reason for each strike.

/mv kills <Player>

  • Kill list of a player

/mv teams

  • List of all participating teams and status of each member

/mv start

  • Admin starts the countdown to start the game.

/mv abort

  • Admin can abort the countdown.

/mv kill <Player>

  • Admin can kill a player and ban him from the project by that

/mv revive <Player>

  • Admin can revive a dead Player and unban him by that

/mv reset

  • Resets the project to the stating point. No map reset!

/mv hardreset

  • Deletes the plugin folder: Completely new project.

/mv reload

  • Reload configuration after a change


  • mrvaro.admin


German with english subtitles


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